Bachelor Of Science - Health Sciences/Master of Science - Physician Assistant Studies

Access the complete curriculum for the BS/MS, Health Sciences/Physician Assistant Studies, from the Physician Assistant Studies Department section of the Daemen catalogue.

Following is a suggested course sequence for your degree. Courses may be offered as indicated and/or at other times. Consult your Advisor for further direction and planning. The Physician Assistant Program begins in year III.

Course Loads

Years 1 through 4 (Undergraduate): Undergraduate tuition rates apply. Maximum of 17 credits allowed for 6 semesters. 1 19-credit hour and 1 20-credit hour semester allowed at no additional tuition charge. Additional course loads are allowed for students who achieve Deans List. Consult the Dean's List section of the Daemen catalogue for details on the Dean's List privilege.  Summer between Years 4 & 5 through Year 5 (Graduate): Graduate tuition rates apply. Summer course work is subject to additional tuition charges.


MATH REQUIREMENT: Depending on Math background, a student may be required to complete lower level Math courses as prerequisite to the required MTH144 Calculus & Analytic Geometry I.

PSYCHOLOGY AND SOCIOLOGY: The Psychology and Sociology electives (9 credits total; a minimum of 3 credits must be taken in each area) may be taken as indicated or interchanged at other times as preferred.

SCIENCE COURSE WORK: Science course work completed more than 10 years prior to the first term of enrollment in this BS/MS program is tentatively accepted pending Registrars receipt of documentation verifying appropriate clinical or science-related experience. Consult the Registrars office for details.

Year 1

LEARNING COMMUNITIES are generally completed in the first year (LC1 in the 1st semester; LC2 in the 2nd semester)

First Semester

  • BIO109/L General Biology I (4)
  • CHE 110/L Chemistry I (4)
  • IND101 Sustainable & Critical Relationships (3)
  • MTH144 Calculus & Analytic Geometry I (3)
  • Total Credits (17)

Second Semester

  • BIO110/L General Biology II (4)
  • CHE111/L Chemistry II (4)
  • CMP101 English Composition (3)
  • Psychology or Sociology elective (3)
  • Total Credits (20)

Year 2

First Semester

  • BIO315/L General Microbiology (4)
  • BIO330/L General Anatomy (4)
  • CMP315 Advanced Composition for Health Professionals OR Psychology elective (3)*
  • Sociology elective (3)
  • Total Credits (17)

Second Semester

  • BCH317/L Bio-Organic Chemistry (4)
  • BIO340/L General Physiology (4)
  • CMP315 Advanced Composition for Health Professionals OR Psychology elective (3)*
  • Total Credits (17)

*CMP315 may be taken in either semester. In the semester when CMP315 is not taken, a Psychology elective must be completed.


First Semester

  • PAS510/L Advanced Human Anatomy I (2)
  • PAS511 Clinical Microbiology/Immunology (3)
  • PAS512 Medical Informatics (2)
  • PAS513 Clinical Laboratory Medicine (2)
  • PAS514 Pathophysiology (3)
  • PHI321 Medical Ethics (3)
  • Total Credits (15)

Second Semester

  • NSC310 Biostatistics OR PSY333 Statistics for Psychology and Social Sciences (3)
  • PAS515 Fundamentals of Clinical Medicine I (5)
  • PAS516/L Advanced Human Anatomy II (2)
  • PAS517/L Physical Diagnosis I (4)
  • PAS518 Pharmacology I (2)
  • Total Credits (16)

Year 4

First Semester

  • PAS519 Fundamentals of Clinical Medicine II (5)
  • PAS520/L Physical Diagnosis II (4)
  • PAS521 Pharmacology II (2)
  • PAS522 The Cultural & Psychosocial Dynamics of Medicine (3)
  • PAS523 Medical Professional Issues (3)
  • Total Credits (17)

Second Semester

  • PAS524 Clinical Pediatrics (2)
  • PAS525 Clinical Problem Solving (3)
  • PAS526 Surgery and Orthopedics (3)
  • PAS527 Geriatrics (2)
  • PAS528 Emergency Medicine (3)
  • PAS529 Research Methodology (3)
  • PAS530 Preliminary Writing for Research (1)
  • PAS531 Preventative Medicine (2) 
  • Total Credits (19)

Summer Session and Year 5

38 Credits Total

  • A total of 10 clinical rotations (clerkships) will be completed: 3-4 per each of the 3 terms (Summer, Fall, Spring). Clerkships are each 4 weeks in duration and carry 3 credits, for a total of 30 credits in clerkships.
  • Each of the 3 terms will include enrollment in a 2-credit seminar (PAS614, 615, 616)
  • Research studies include 2 courses, each carrying 1 credit (PAS612, 613)


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