Master of Science in Public Health

The Daemen MPH degree is comprised of competencies across five key public health areas: (1) biostatistics, (2) epidemiology, (3) health services administration, (4) health education/behavioral science, and (5) environmental health. Students also complete a practicum, which provides for real-world applications of their training and builds experience working directly with public health professionals. A final capstone project provides students with the opportunity to investigate a public health problem in their area of interest.

The Daemen College MPH program offers three specialty tracks of study - Epidemiology, Community Health Education, and a Generalist Track. Students may also choose a focus in Global Health, which provides students with the opportunity for tailoring their education toward an increased understanding of global public health issues. Regardless of which area of study students pursue, graduates from Daemen's MPH program will be well prepared to serve their communities in promoting public health and well-being, and preventing disease and injury.

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Required Core Courses (20 credits)

  • PH 500  Epidemiology (3)
  • PH 510  Psychosocial and Behavioral Foundations of Public Health (3)
  • PH 520  Research Methods in Health Promotion (3)
  • PH 530  Environmental Health (3)
  • PH 540/L  Public Health Biostatistics Lecture and Lab (3/2)
  • PH 550  Public Health Policy, Administration, and Management (3)

Required Specialty Track Courses; Choose One Track (12 credits)

Community Health Education

  • PH 560 Community Health Education (3 credits)
  • PH 562 Assessment and Planning in Community Health Education (3 credits)
  • PH 564 Implementation and Evaluation in Community Health Education (3 credits)
  • PH 566 Communication, Advocacy and Consultation in Community Health Education (3 credits)


  • PH 568 - Advanced Epidemiology (3 credits)
  • PH 570 - Advanced Biostatistics (3 credits)
  • PH 572 - Chronic Diseases, A Lifecourse Approach (3 credit seminar)
  • PH 574 - Infectious Disease Epidemiology (3 credit)


Choose any four courses (12 credits) from the other tracks or electives

Electives (6 credits)

Choose from electives that include topics on global health, grant writing, health disparities, and community-based participatory research.

Practicum (3 credits)

Under the direction of a faculty advisor, students complete a practicum in their specialty track in order to apply and to further develop their academic skills. Each practicum requires a minimum of 240 hours of work at the practicum site.

  • PH600 Practicum - Community Health Education
  • PH601 Practicum - Epidemiology
  • PH602 Practicum (to be taken by students in pursuit of a Generalist track)

Capstone Project (4 credits)

The capstone project is a culminating experience that provides students the opportunity to synthesize, integrate, and apply their curricular knowledge to a significant public health problem in their specialty track. 

  • PH620 Capstone Project in Community Health Education
  • PH621 Capstone Project in Epidemiology
  • PH622 Capstone Project (to be taken by students in pursuit of a Generalist track)

Focus in Global Health

In addition to selecting a specialty track of study, students completing the MPH can choose a focus in global health by completing specific elective courses and completing their practicum and capstone project in an area of global health. Criteria for a focus in global health are:

  1. Completion of PH 577 Global Health and Comparative Global Public Health Systems (3) and either PH 591 Global Public Health Policy and Development (3) OR PH 595 Cultural Competency and Health Disparities in Public Health (3);
  2. Complete the Practicum (PH600 or PH601 or PH602, depending upon the specialty track selected) in an international setting);
  3. Complete the Capstone Project (PH620 or PH621 or PH622, depending upon the specialty track selected) on a topic relevant to global health.


Admission Requirements 

Transfer Studies

Students in the MPH program may apply for up to six graduate transfer credit hours for courses taken from a public health accredited or public health-related accredited institution outside of the College with grades of B or better.  Requests for transfer credit will be considered on an individual basis by the program director or departmental designee and must be approved additionally by the College Registrar.  Grades assigned to transfer credits will not be included in the calculation of the student's grade point average.

Prerequisite Studies

There are no specific prerequisite courses for the MPH program, although potential students should have demonstrated interest in public health through previous related academic studies or volunteer or employed public health work.

Time Limitation

A student admitted to the program is expected to maintain continuity in his/her academic program and enroll each semester until all requirements are completed.  Normally, a part time student should complete a minimum of three (3) credits per semester.  Full time students must complete a minimum of nine (9) credits per semester.  All requirements for the Master of Public Health degree must be completed within a period of five years from the student's enrollment for graduate study.  For information on leaves of absence and extensions, consult the Academic Regulations and Standards section in the Graduate Catalog.

Course Repeats

Courses in which less than a grade of B- is earned must be repeated.  A student is allowed a maximum of one retake for up to two courses before being dismissed from the MPH program.

Graduation Requirements

Completion of all course work as defined under the curricular requirements for the program, including:

  1. Completion of all course work as defined on the student's Plan of Study, which is designed together with the student's Graduate Faculty Advisor.
  2. A minimum grade of B- in any course. (Refer to the "Course Repeats" section for policies on course repeats.)  Students must maintain an overall minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.00.
  3. Filing an Application for Degree form with the Registrar’s Office at the onset of the final term of study. The Application for Degree form is accessible from the Registrar’s web page.

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