Bachelor of Arts in Social Work Program

Degrees Offered

Social Work Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Daemen College Social Work Program is to prepare students to be professionally responsible, competent, and committed generalist practitioners capable of intervening with diverse populations, in various settings, and at all levels of social work practice (i.e., micro, mezzo, macro).

Grounded in the Social Work profession’s knowledge, skills, and values, the program teaches students to become critically thinking problem solvers and to recognize the inherent value of all human beings through the integration of classroom instruction and community-based learning opportunities. The Social Work Program is committed to preparing graduates for entry-level generalist practice positions and/or advanced study in social work, while simultaneously addressing the needs of community members and local health and human service organizations.

Program Goals

In accordance with its mission, the Daemen College Social Work Program seeks to:

  • Prepare students with a foundation in knowledge and skills necessary for effective generalist practice and/or advanced study in social work (EP 2.1.1, EP 2.1.3, EP 2.1.9).
  • Ensure that students are able to work with diverse populations and in various settings - integrating research, empirically informed practice, and an awareness of social policy (EP 2.1.4, EP 2.1.6, EP 2.1.8, EP 2.1.9, EP 2.1.10 (a-d)).
  • Promote social work values and ethics emphasizing a commitment to social change, social justice, community, and diversity (EP 2.1.2, EP 2.1.4, EP 2.1.5, EP 2.1.7, EP 2.1.8).
  • Enrich the local community through service learning, field education, extracurricular activities, and professional development opportunities (EP 2.1.1, EP 2.1.7, EP 2.1.9).

Program Objectives

Graduates of the Daemen College Social Work program will demonstrate that they have:

  1. Internalized a professional identity, social work values, and ethics as well as the judgment necessary for effective social work practice (EP 2.1.1, EP 2.1.2);
  2. Developed the ability to apply critical thinking, practice, and problem-solving skills in their work with diverse clients, groups, organizations, and delivery systems (EP 2.1.2, EP 2.1.3, EP 2.1.4);
  3. Advocated for and advanced social justice on behalf of marginalized, alienated, and/or oppressed populations (EP 2.1.4, EP 2.1.5);
  4. Integrated an awareness of the bio-psycho-social sources of human development and the social environment into their social work practice (EP 2.1.7, EP 2.1.9);
  5. Developed the capacity to apply research and empirical principles to initiate, evaluate, and advance their social work practice (EP 2.1.6, EP 2.1.10 (a-d)); and
  6. Secured the skills necessary to analyze, formulate, and influence social policy within the context of past and present social welfare issues (EP2.1.3, EP 2.1.8).

The program of study leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) at the baccalaureate level. CSWE core competencies are denoted in parentheses in the program goals and objectives identified above. For more information about CSWE accreditation and core competencies, please visit the CSWE website.The Social Work curriculum is carefully sequenced around a professional foundation that includes content on social work values and ethics, diversity, social and economic justice, populations-at-risk, human behavior and the social environment, social welfare policy and services, social work research, social work practice, and a field practicum.

Admission Requirement

Freshmen are admitted to the Social Work program on a conditional basis. In the second semester of the sophomore year, students must complete the Upper Division application and participate in an interview in order to be fully accepted into the Social Work program.

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