Academic Festival

A Celebration of Academic Achievement. April 15, 2015.

The Daemen College Academic Festival 2015, our fifteenth year, brings us together on campus to celebrate the academic and creative achievements of Daemen students. The Academic Festival centers on student presentations to the campus and community, providing a showcase for academic achievement and excellence through student and faculty presentations, exhibitions and performances. These presentations may reflect work done in a single discipline or be interdisciplinary in nature, and include posters, papers, panel discussions, exhibits, videos, and artistic, musical or theatrical performances. The Festival Program contains the schedule and the abstracts for all presentations. We are deeply appreciative of the level of student involvement in this Academic Festival 2015.

We are also appreciative of faculty support for this endeavor. Faculty sponsors have worked with students through teaching, research projects, study abroad experiences and encouragement in their proposals. We hope you will experience the exciting and insightful ideas generated through their scholarship.

The members of the planning committee have worked very hard over the past year to make this 2015 Academic Festival a success.

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