Career Services

Director: Dr. Maureen Millane, MBA
Assistant Director:  Lamark Shaw, MA
Career Advisor:  Regina Rexford, MS
Employer & Student Relations Consultant:  Lou Ann Mages, MEd

Career Field Experience (CFE)

300, 400  Career Field Experience (1-9)
301, 401  Career Field Experience (1-9)
302, 402  Career Field Experience (1-9)

The Career Field Experience is an opportunity for students to receive practical experience in the career area of their choice through an internship or co-op.  Each field experience links academic and core curriculum competencies with an emphasis on communication and critical thinking skills.  Academic credit must be arranged prior to the internship experience and is granted for each experience depending upon the number of hours spent in the field throughout a semester/summer.  One academic credit is earned for every forty interned hours at the location site.  In addition to the hours spent on site, students must participate in and complete a series of academic projects.  The Career Services staff, faculty, and the student’s site supervisor offer guidance and evaluation of the student’s performance in the field.  Final letter grades are granted upon completion of all field experience requirements.  Offered each semester, intersemester and summer.

Internships and Co-Ops

Students receive academic credit while gaining practical on-the-job experience and training, and learning about workplace values and attitudes necessary to succeed.  The Career Field Experience curriculum is individually designed to meet each student's goals for personal development and career objectives.  The program is open to students in every academic discipline. Internships are arranged with businesses, governmental agencies, and public or private institutions.  Internships are available on a part-time basis throughout the academic year and during the summer term.  A co-op is an internship where the student is primarily situated within an organization.  Daemen College recognizes the Washington D.C. Internship Institute (WII) program for 15 academic credits (9 credits internship and two 3 credit academic courses).  Learning is done primarily at the site selected with the assistance of WII.  The Co-op experience is a full academic semester.  The student's financial aid package will be reviewed by the Financial Aid office for eligibility.    

Admission Requirements

All students are encouraged to participate in one or more Career Field Experiences.  Eligibility to participate will be determined by the Career Services staff, who may consult with the appropriate academic advisor and/or department chairperson for additional information regarding a student’s eligibility for Career Field Experience participation.

Prior to consideration for a Career Field placement, students must:

  1. have a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average, except when specific departmental requirements apply (e.g. 2.5 required for Business and Accounting majors);
  2. have achieved sophomore status;
  3. have earned a grade of P (pass) in the prerequisite online course, CFE 97-Career Prep Seminar.


The online CFE 97-Career Prep Seminar (non-credit) prepares the student for the Career Field Experience.  Students are given information regarding the structure of the internship program and the benefits of participation.  They develop skills and knowledge through self-assessment, resume preparation, professional correspondence, and practice interviews.  Fee: $50.  Offered each semester, inter-semester and summer.

Limits on Total Career Education Academic Credit:

A maximum of twelve (12) academic credits may be earned through Career Field Experiences.

Placement Limitations:

Career Field placements are not permitted in situations where the student is interning at a person's home.  Students cannot intern with a family member.  Daemen adheres to the U.S. Labor Department Fair Labor Standard Act guidelines and requires site supervisors to sign their understanding of these guidelines.


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