Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Studies Template

Student’s name:

Student’s id number:


Previous and current majors (including Undeclared):

Previous and current advisors:

Previous institutions of higher education (if any):

Descriptive title of major:

Faculty Sponsors:  (At least one faculty sponsor must be full-time Daemen faculty with expertise in one the proposal’s areas of study.  The proposal must identify the expertise of faculty sponsors whose expertise is not self-evident.)

Primary sponsor: name, title, department, signature

1.      _________________________ I have read the BAIS guidelines and the student’s proposal, and I understand that I share responsibility with the student and with CIS for monitoring the student’s progress in completing the proposed degree.

Secondary sponsor: name, title, department, institution (if other than Daemen), signature

2.      _________________________ I have read the BAIS guidelines and the student’s proposal and confirm the program’s academic soundness.


You cannot declare an Individualized Studies major unless your proposal is approved by the CIS.  To help ensure completion of the BAIS in a timely manner, the completed proposal must be submitted as early in your undergraduate career as possible and before you undertake substantial coursework in your proposed major. To ensure that the proposed BAIS be indeed proactive, the following conditions must apply. (1) At the time the proposal is submitted and approved, you should still need to enroll in and complete a minimum of 60 credit hours, including 30 of the 42 credit hours required in the major. (2) The CIS will not consider any proposal that is submitted too late in a student’s college career to allow for CIS modification of the proposed major.  The CIS will reject proposals that have fewer than 30 credit hours left in the anticipated degree, including 21 in the major. 

Procedure for submission and review:

Completed proposals will be sent electronically to the Chair of CIS for preliminary review. The proposal will then either be returned to the student for revision and/or clarification or forwarded to the full CIS. The CIS will then review the proposal and may require the student’s and/or faculty sponsors’ attendance at a CIS meeting.


The Major:

Departments in the Major:

List all departments in the major (minimum two), including total number of credit hours from each department):




Names of each chairperson/program director:

Note here any concerns they have with the proposal, including prerequisites and course offerings:

Number of credit hours in major: 42 from two or more unrelated disciplines with no more than 21* in one discipline** and with a minimum of 24 credit hours at the 300-400 level).

·         List courses in the proposed major (prefix, number, name, number of credit hours).

·         For any course already completed also list semester taken, grade received or semester to be taken, and name of institution if not Daemen.

·         Designate any course that is part of the proposed major that you will take at another institution.

·         List all courses, even in cases involving selecting a certain number of courses/credits from a menu of courses (e.g., “3 of the following 4 courses”).

·         Whenever possible, for courses not yet taken, list the semester you expect to complete that course. Note all courses currently in-progress as such.

·         The relationship between the individual course and the proposed major should be self-evident; for any course for which the relationship is not self-evident be sure to supply a rationale in your Narrative Description (below).

·         IND443: Senior Project (see below) must be included in the major.

·         The major may include courses from the regular Daemen curriculum, cross registration, study abroad, service learning, Co-op, independent study, or transfer credit hours.

·         Independent study/research credit hours are limited to 12. 

·         Transfer credit hours in the major are limited to 21.

·         Courses used for the core cannot be applied to the major.


* In exceptional cases for which a convincing rationale is presented, the maximum of  hours in one discipline may rise to 27.  If your proposal includes more than 21 credit hours from one discipline, you must explain why in your Narrative Description (below).   

**Discipline here means all prefixes associated with a given subject area. Thus “English” includes CA (Communication Arts), CMP (Composition), LIT (Literature), PR (Public Relations), including cross-listed courses.  In exceptional cases for which a convincing rationale is presented, “discipline” may be defined more flexibly (for example, History and Government as separate disciplines within one department).  In such cases, your Narrative Description (below) must provide a rationale. 

Total number of hours in the major at each of the following levels:

100-200 ___; 300-400 ____

Total number of credit hours from Independent Study in the major (maximum of 12 credit hours).  (Note that IND443 is not Independent Study): ____

Total number of transfer credit hours in the major (if any, maximum of 21 credit hours): ____

Research and Presentation: IND 443: Senior Project.  An equivalent capstone course sponsored by another department may be substituted for IND443 Senior Project, although the substitution must be transcripted as IND443.   The Senior Project may be taken in the first or second semester.  Depending upon the depth of the project, students may be required to register for the course as non-credit in the 1st semester and for credit in the 2nd semester, thereby providing for the design and completion of the project over a full year. As with all R&P classes at Daemen, you must present your research in a public venue (e.g., Academic Festival).

Describe the IND443 project below:

Who will direct it? _____________________________________


List any courses that are related to, but not part of, the proposed major (following the same guidelines as above, “list courses in the proposed major”).  (Such courses might appear in the core or elective sections of the program plan.) 


The Core (45 credit hours); courses included in the major may not be included in the 45 credit hours.

Credit hours completed (including Modern Language):    

Credit hours in-progress (including Modern Language):

Credit hours outstanding (including Modern Language):

Modern Language B.A. Requirement (12 credit hours OR completion through the intermediate level).


List the courses you have completed:

Credit hours outstanding:



Credit hours (minimum 120):

In the proposed major (minimum 42)

Completed in the proposed major:

In-progress in the proposed major:

Remaining in the proposed major:

In the core (45, including Modern Language below):

Completed in the core:

In-progress in the core:

Remaining in the core:

In Additional Electives:                    






In progress:


Narrative description of and rationale for the proposed BAIS. The rationale must include: a description of the major you have proposed; why you are proposing this major rather than one that is already offered at Daemen; how the proposed BAIS is suited to your immediate and long-range goals; rationale for the courses selected; rationale for any of the points (under “Number of Credit Hours in the Major,” above) that you believe merits special consideration.  If you have researched majors that may exist outside of Daemen and that may therefore serve as a model for your proposed major (individual courses, kinds of courses, overall curriculum, etc.), you should explain how this research has helped shape your proposal. 


I have read the BAIS guidelines.

I have explored double majors and major and minors and eliminated them as alternatives to the proposed BAIS; the rationale for eliminating any of these alternatives should be either stated or clearly implied in your proposal.

I have checked the accuracy of my proposal, including ensuring that all courses (numbers, titles, credit hours, and institutions) correspond exactly to those on my college transcript.

I understand that I cannot pursue the Individualized Studies major until CIS has approved my proposal. Once the proposal is approved, I must complete the coursework as set forth in the proposal in order to graduate with the BA in Individualized Studies degree. Changes to the program require the approval of the faculty sponsors and the CIS.

I have consulted with the chairperson/director of each of the departments and programs included in the proposed major and received their endorsement of the proposed BAIS.

I understand that approved proposals and related program plans will be posted on the CIS website.

I understand that submission of a BAIS application does not guarantee that it will be approved by the CIS.

I understand that submission and approval of a BAIS application may delay my expected graduation date. 

I understand that, in submitting this proposal for consideration, I am releasing my academic record to members of the CIS Committee.









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