Global Studies Minor

Program Advisor: Professor Denise G. Mills

Mission Statement for the Global Studies Minor

The mission of the Global Studies minor is to complement and enhance the Daemen College mission to “prepare students for life and leadership in an increasingly complex world” who “recognize the importance of a global perspective” and who are committed to the “well-being of both their local and global communities.”

Through coursework, international experience and service learning abroad or with local immigrant or refugee communities, Daemen students completing the Global Studies minor will demonstrate the knowledge, insight and skills to work for and with people, organizations and businesses with a global focus.

Global Studies Minor consists of

  • IND120 Introduction to Global Studies (3)
  • 12 credits selected from the listing of Global Studies courses below. NOTE:
    • Maximum of 6 credits may be taken in any one department.
    • One language-learning course may be substituted in place of the course options listed below and with the permission of the Global Studies Program Director.
    • International Service Learning and local Service Learning experiences dealing with refugee/international populations may be applied toward the 12 credits with the approval of the Global Studies Program Director.
    • Additional studies may be allowed. Students wishing to take courses other than those on the listing below must submit his/her request, with rationale for the substitution, to the Global Studies Program Director. Substitutions are subject to the approval of the Global Studies Committee.
  • International Experience: All experiences are subject to the approval of the Global Studies Committee. Experiences will be submitted to the Global Studies Program Director. The international experience:
    • may be short or long term
    • may be credit bearing, volunteer, group or individual
  • Completion of a non-credit study abroad course is required prior to departure on the international experience. Consult the Global Studies Program Director for details.
  • Foreign Language studies are recommended but not required for the minor:
    • Study of the language of the nation of the international experience is encouraged – coursework at Daemen or through Daemen’s VLLP program is strongly recommended
    • Strongly suggested (as appropriate): CHI100 Survival Chinese (3); SPA110 Spanish for the Health Professions (3)
    • In-country language learning is highly encouraged.


NOTE: Students may petition the program director to include other relevant coursework. 

  • BA201 Introduction to International Business (3)
  • BA 220 Diversity and Cross-Cultural Management (3)
  • ECO 206 The Economics of Sustainable Development (3)
  • ECO 343 Global Economic Geography (3)
  • ENS/NSC 205 Planet Earth I: Physical Features (3)
  • ENS/NSC 206 Planet Earth II: Geographical Features (3)
  • ENS309 Population Dynamics (3)
  • ENS/SUST310 Global Water Issues (3)
  • FRE 299/399/499 Service Learning in French – see above for requirements (1-3)
  • GEO117 World Geography (3)
  • HCS 201 Survey of Eastern and Western Complementary Medical Approaches (3)
  • HCS 335 Critical Issues in Global Health (3)
  • HST 230 Problems of the Third World (3)
  • HST 304 Modern China (3)
  • HST 308 Modern Latin America (3)
  • HST 312 Sub-Saharan Africa (3)
  • HST 317 The Middle East (3)
  • HST 324 Global Environmental History (3)
  • HST 325 Introduction to Polish Culture (3)
  • HST 345 Introduction to Russian Culture (3)
  • IND 448 International Service Learning (1-3)
  • LNG 309 Language in Society (3)
  • MGT 306 International Management (3)
  • MKT 310 Foreign Markets of International Business (3)
  • SPA 240 / 250 Grammar & Culture Workshop I & II (3/3)
  • SPA 299/399/499 Service Learning in French – see above for requirements (1-3)
  • SPA 315 Spanish Civilization & Culture (3)
  • SPA 316 Spanish American Civilization & Culture (3)
  • PSC 101 Comparative Politics (3)
  • PSC 121 International Relations (3)
  • PSC 210 Politics of Globalization (3)
  • PSC 213 Sustainability & Third World Development (3)
  • PSC/ECO 221 Political Economy of East Asia (3)
  • PSC 231 Global Governance (3)
  • PSC/ECO 232 International Political Economy (3)
  • PSC 236 Sports and International Politics (3)
  • PSC 238 Dictatorship and Democracy in World Politics (3)
  • PSC 242 African Politics, Culture and Society (3)
  • PSC 315 Politics of Western Europe (3)
  • PSC 326 Politics of East Asia (3)
  • PSC 327 Politics of South Asia (3)

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