How to Petition the Committee on Academic Standards

Students with extenuating circumstances affecting their ability to meet the academic expectations of the College may petition the undergraduate or graduate Committee on Academic Standards (CAS), as appropriate, for consideration. Petitions may be made for:

  1. Authorized late drop or late withdrawal from course(s)
  2. Extension of Incomplete grades
  3. Academic bankruptcy
  4. Course substitutions or waivers
  5. Waiver of financial aid eligibility requirements (via the Financial Aid Office)
  6. Credit for Learning from Life Experience or Challenge Examination (in consultation with the credit-granting department)

Petitions should be submitted to the office of the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs (Associate Dean of the College/Dean of Graduate Studies), DS 102. The Office of Academic Advisement (RIC ground floor, 716.839.8228) provides advice to students on composing a CAS petition. Questions about the petition process should be directed to the advisement office. Students can and should also consult their faculty advisors.

A petition typically includes a letter of explanation/request from the student, recommendation(s) from the student's advisor(s) and course instructor(s), as pertinent, and appropriate supporting documentation (e.g., medical).  The undergraduate CAS meets on an approximately monthly basis during the fall and spring semesters and the graduate CAS meets as needed.

The Committees on Academic Standards also review all students in poor academic standing (semester or cumulative GPA below 2.00 for undergraduates, 3.00 for graduates) at the end of the fall and spring semesters, meeting in early January and early June to render decisions on academic probation, suspension, or dismissal. Students who anticipate being the subject of CAS review are advised and encouraged to submit any statements on their own behalf prior to these meetings for the committee's consideration. Faculty are also encouraged to make recommendations to the CAS about their advisees.

Please note that grade appeals are NOT considered by CAS but are handled n accordance with the undergraduate grade appeal procedure or graduate grade appeal procedure, as appropriate.

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