Research Papers

The THINK TANK sponsors interdisciplinary research projects. The research is conducted by teams of faculty and students, including partners from other academic institutions.

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Research Project Topics:

2013-2012 Academic Year:

  • The Universal Language of Puppetry.  Assistant Professor Robert Waterhouse, Associate Professor Christian Brandjes and student leader Cameron Garrity. 
  • Anesthetic Efficacy of MS-222 and Clove Oil in Seahorses; can the same dose be used in different species.  Assistant Professor Jon Good and Student Researcher Melissa Muth.
  • Typical Performance on the Pediatric Balance Scale and on selected Standing Balance Items in Children ages 2-13, in conjunction with Belmont University.  Assistant Professor MaryRose Franjione, and student researchers:  Kristy Arndt, Stephanie Blaszak, Ashley Currier, Erika Funnell, Erin Hake, Meghan Pendergast, Kehua Zhou.
  • The Study of Bruce Springsteen and the Disciples of the American Dream.  Professor Charles Reedy and student researcher Thomas Wilkie.
  • A Green Roof Pilot Study (Center for Visual & Performing Arts building) - Professors Brenda Young and Kevin Kegler, student researcher:  Kenzie Reynen
  • A Community Promotion of the Wound Care Clinic through Multi-media sources:  Director Fred Pordum and student researcher Jerica Aderhold.
  • Anti-Bullying Research & Theatre-Survey Development Project.  Professors Robert Waterhouse and Christian Brandjes, and student researchers:  Cierra D'Amico, Stephen Barnes, Hillary Bariot, Brittany Crawford, Cameron Garrity, Jessica Goodison, Jennifer Jeziorski, Timothy Shaw, Clair Spangenthal, YingGiao X.

2011 - Prior Academic Years:

  • Exploring Collaborative Research Opportunities in Wound Care using Conventional Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Submitted October, 2011 by Dr. Laura Edsberg, Associate Professor with student researcher Kehua Zhou, M.S.  Download in PDF:  Proposal for Combined Wound Research.2011.12.pdf
  • The Decomposition of Remains and the Effect of Decomposition Rates on Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC's) Released.  Submitted October, 2011 by Dr. Matthew S. Ward, Associate Professor with student researcher Molly Tyrrell.  Download in PDF:  Analysis of Decomposition and Organic Compounds.2011.12.pdf
  • Collaborative Painting: Exploration of Purely Visual Learning Experience.  Submitted May, 2011 by Felice Koenig, Assistant Professor, Painting and Drawing with student researcher Nicole Castek.  Download:  Think Tank Report 2011.pdf

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