Advanced degrees earned

  • Carol Bartlo, Business Administration; D.B.A., Liberty University School of Business, 2020
  • Ryan Boggs, Physical Therapy, D.Sc., Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions, 2021

Newly tenured and promoted to Associate Professor

  • Greg Czajka, MPAS, Physician Assistant Studies
  • Rochel Lazewnik, PhD, Education (Brooklyn)
  • Shannon Lupien, PhD, Psychological Sciences
  • Whitney Mendel, PhD, Master of Public Health
  • Deborah Napolitano, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA, Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Heike Peckruhn, PhD, Philosophy & Religious Studies
  • Dennis Poepsel, PhD, Psychological Sciences
  • Jennifer Scheid, PhD, Health Promotion & Physical Therapy

Promoted to Full Professor

  • Gregory Ford, PT, DPT, PhD, OCS, Physical Therapy

Emeritus status conferred

  • Dennis Barraclough, MFA, Professor of Art, retired in 2018
  • William DiPietro, PhD, Professor of Business Administration, retired in 2016
  • Denise Mills, PhD, Associate Professor of Spanish, retired in 2019
  • Kathleen Murphy, PhD, Professor of Chemistry, retired in 2020

Retired in 2020-21

  • Robert Gunther, PhD, Associate Professor of Natural Sciences, after 33 years
  • Robert Morace, PhD, Distinguished Professor of English, after 44 years
  • Joanne Sadler, PhD, Assistant Professor of Education, after 18 years
  • Bruce Shields, PhD, Associate Professor of Education, after 20 years
  • George Siefert, Jr., PhD, Associate Professor of Sociology & Social Work, after 42 years

Sabbaticals granted

  • Christian Brandjes, MFA, Associate Professor of Visual & Performing Arts (Spring 2022) Devising and solo performance in “Cointelshow” and “Freud and the Sandman”
  • Hamish Dalley, PhD, Associate Professor of English (Spring 2022) Settler Colonialism and the Modern Novel: Frontiers of Realism
  • Joseph Sahr Sankoh, PhD, MAIS, MA, Associate Professor of Political Science (Spring 2022) Comparative Global Genocide and Abuse of Political Power: The Case of Rwanda and Nazi Germany