Scholar's Day

February 7, 2015

Scholar’s Day at Daemen College is a day when nominated prospective students have the opportunity to compete for one of our twelve prestigious Trustee Scholarships.

Every student who applies for admission to Daemen College is considered for a merit scholarship. In order to be nominated you must apply and be accepted into Daemen College. Only those nominated are invited to apply for the Trustee Scholarships.  

Daemen College feels that Scholars need opportunities to learn without the pressure of financial concerns. Trustee Scholarships offer this opportunity to all types of people, those from diverse backgrounds and experiences as well as from all socio-economic circumstances. We seek students who are able, curious, disciplined; students with vision and the enthusiasm to breathe life into their dreams.

Daemen College Trustee Scholars have diverse backgrounds, educational goals, and perspectives.  While students must be nominated to compete on the basis of academic achievement, non-academic factors are also important in the deliberations of the Selection Committee. Considerations of both intellect and character are given in our attempt to award individuals who will “make a difference” not just in their careers and community, but in the community of Daemen College as well.  Overall, we are seeking candidates who combine the following qualities:

Academic achievement
Vision—for self and society
Enthusiasm, inspiration—the ability to bring visions and dreams to life
Academic and personal discipline which motivates him/her to persist
Leadership ability


Abrianna Adler Speaks at Scholar's Day 2014

What is the first step?

Apply and be accepted to Daemen College. 

Who can apply for Scholar’s Day?

Prospective first year students are invited by the President to apply for these prestigious awards. Students are nominated on the basis of their High School GPA and SAT or ACT test scores. They then must complete a Scholar’s Day application and interview on campus during Scholar's Day (Unfortunately, there are no make-up dates).

How many scholarship recipients are selected each year?

There are twelve scholarship recipients each year in the following categories:

  • Full Tuition—two recipients
  • $17,000—four recipients
  • $13,000-14,000—six recipients

Can the scholarships be used for tuition and room and board?

No, the scholarships are to be used for tuition only.

Can I receive more than one Daemen scholarship?

No, if you have already received the President's, Dean's or Alumni award it will be replaced by the Trustee Scholarship award if you are selected.  However, you will be able to use scholarships you receive from other, non Daemen sources.  The combination of the Daemen College Trustee Scholarship and TAP payment cannot exceed the cost of tuition.

Are the scholarships renewable?

Yes, the scholarships are renewable for four years providing you are full time and maintain a 3.0 GPA. (This award will be extended for those majors requiring 5 or 6 years to complete i.e. Accounting, Athletic Training, Physical Therapy and Physician Assistant.)  Student must be enrolled at Daemen College.

Scholar’s Day Alumni Reception

To find out more about Scholar's Day please contact the Admissions office at 716-839-8225 or 1-800-462-7652.

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