Daemen Leadership Team wearing purple standing in front of Rosary Hall

(L-R) Tiffany Hamilton, Traci Murphy, Amanda Gross, Emily Burns Perryman and Melaine Kenyon. Members of the President's Cabinet at Daemen University.

Women in positions of leadership serve as role models and are critical to the career advancement of women. When women are in leadership positions they can make meaningful societal impacts on issues such as pay equity, change workplace policies, and attract a more diverse workforce. Daemen believes that having a seat at the table matters.

Daemen is proud of the women in leadership at our institution and we know it takes experience and hard work to get there.

Going back to school for graduate studies provides hands-on learning experiences and the opportunity to enter the job market with confidence and a competitive edge to pursue leadership roles. You can gain a more in-depth understanding of your specialty or focus and a distinct advantage at a time when many employers are raising their educational requirements for emerging positions.

Approximately 16 million people—only 8% of the US population have a master’s degree. Consider graduate studies at Daemen to gain a competitive advantage and pursue leadership opportunities.

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Graduate Studies at Daemen

Women's Leadership Summit FlyerYou can also attend the WNY Women's Foundation Leadership Summit virtual event on October 26 to learn more about women in leadership.

Join the movement to advance gender equity across our region at this one-day virtual event featuring action-focused sessions designed to spark change.