Agents: FAQ's

1. How do I become an agent at Daemen College?

We ask that you first send a detailed e-mail to the Director of International Partnerships and Recruitment; Luiz Pereira at  The following should be included in the e-mail:  

    1)  Name and contact information of the Agency  

    2)  History/background information of the organization which should include your accreditation through AIRC  

    3)  Regions in which your organization recruits prospective students  

    4)  Name of references  

2. Do you pay commissions?

Yes we have paid commission to our agencies and it is decided on a case by case scenario.    

3. Do you waive the application fee for agents?

We encourage all applicants to complete the on-line application which does not include a fee.    

4. Will you authorize me to become an exclusive agent in my country or region?

No, we are not interested in signing an exclusivity agreement but we are very interested in working with agencies and giving you the opportunity to be successful working with Daemen College.  

5. Are the students who apply through my agency guaranteed admission to Daemen College or offered any special consideration?

No, all applicants and their documents will be equally reviewed and are required to meet the admissions academic requirements.  

6. If I email you my student’s transcript, can you let me know if they might be accepted to Daemen College? Can you tell me if my student might be accepted before he/she applies?

We would be glad to review transcripts before a student applies however in most cases we require international transcripts to be evaluated through World Education Services or Josef Silny Associates.   

7. How can I get more brochures or recruitment materials?

Contact the Assistant Director of International Admissions; Luiz Pereira at and please include what type of materials are needed and for what event.  

8. Where will the I-20 be sent and by what type of mail?

We can send the I-20 to the agency office or to the students home; we ask the agent to specify where to send the documents.  All documents are typically mailed out through Fed Ex.  

9. How long will it take to process a student’s application?

Once the application is complete it takes 48 hours to process the application and review it in order to make a decision.  The agency should receive the acceptance packet within 1-2 weeks from the applied date.  Please keep in mind that some graduate programs may take longer due to individual departments reviewing each application.  Our website explains what a completed application includes.     

10. Do you offer conditional admission to students who have not taken the TOEFL or IELTS? What about students who do not meet your English requirements?

No, we can offer conditional admission with TOEFL scores higher than 69 or IELTS scores higher than a 5.5 

11. What are the application requirements?

Our website includes step by step directions on how to apply and what is required.  

12. What majors are offered at Daemen College?

We offer over 50 majors and 20 minors within the undergraduate degrees.  We also offer degrees on the Graduate level.  

13. Does Daemen College accept 3 year bachelor degrees?

Students with a 3 year bachelor’s degree will be asked to submit their documentation and we will review their transcripts and make decisions on a case by case scenario.  

14. How does a student get transfer credit from their previous studies at another institution?

All transfer students are required to submit a transcripts evaluation through World Education Services or Josef Silny Association.  Once a student is accepted into Daemen College, the registrar office will complete a credit evaluation in order to determine the credits transferring in.   

15. What are the application deadlines to apply to Daemen College? Can students apply after the deadlines?

Undergraduate programs:  The admissions office application process is considered rolling admissions which means that we do not have an application deadline and review application as they arrive. 

Graduate programs: Most Graduate programs are rolling admissions except for the following:     

    1)  Doctorate of Physical Therapy: deadline is February 1     

    2)  M.S. Physician Assistant: deadline is November 1  

    3)  M.S. Athletic Training: deadline is April 15

16. Do you offer any scholarships or financial aid to international students?

We do offer academic scholarships to international students; please review our website to learn more.   

17. Are international students eligible to work on campus?

Yes, according to U.S. visa regulations international students can work up to 20 hours per week on campus during their academic study or full time during any holidays or summer.  Working off campus requires special approval.  

18. Do you have campus housing?

Undergraduate freshmen:  Canavan Hall is a traditional, suite-style residence hall that typically houses our first-year students. Coed by floor, each suite consists of a double room and a triple room connected by a shared bathroom. Floors 2-5 of this five-story building accommodate 50 resident students and two resident assistant. The first floor is home to 25 students, one resident assistant and the building’s resident coordinator. There are laundry facilities on every floor, as well as lounge areas equipped with cable television and couches and tables for both studying and socializing. Each student has access to shared kitchen facilities and a microwave to prepare snacks and the occasional meal. Bedrooms are furnished with a desk, dresser, extra-long twin bed, and closet space for each occupant.

Undergraduate transfers and graduates:  Campus Village Apartments typically houses our older students are housed in the Campus Village apartment-style residence halls. These buildings, coed by apartment, feature four person apartments complete with a single bedroom for each occupant, a full kitchen with all appliances, living room and two bathrooms. Bedrooms are furnished with a desk, dresser, extra-long twin bed, night stand and a closet. The common areas are furnished with a couch, coffee table, TV stand and kitchen table and chairs. Laundry facilities and lounge areas are provided on each floor.  

19. Will you accept documents sent through fax or email?

The International Admissions Office will accept transcripts through fax or e-mail however an official decision can not be made until all transcripts are official.  Official transcripts are defined as: transcripts sent directly from the high school or university with the correct stamps in a sealed envelope.

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