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The Daemen College Academic festival gives students and faculty the opportunity to showcase what they have learned and achieved at Daemen College. Abby presented her research on Estrogen and the female body with relation to obesity across all majors. This exposes Daemen students to a wide range of ideas and research in a celebration of knowledge across the campus.

Why did you choose you Daemen?

All through high school, I decided I wanted to stay local. I also grew up in a very small town and small school. I wanted an environment where I was challenged to step outside my comfort zone but also have the close knit community to fall back on. Daemen seemed to offer all of those things for me.

Why did you choose your major?

Originally, I thought I wanted to go to Medical School so Biochemistry seemed like a logical major to start with. Although my future goals have changed, I am still happy with my major because I know that I’m in a field that is fascinating to me, with endless job opportunities at the end of the tunnel.

Describe your academic experience at Daemen.

From day one at Daemen, I was challenged. I was forced to actually “think,” which seems like an ironic statement when talking about college. Rather than just listening to lectures then spitting the information back out on tests, my thinking patterns have developed into so much more. Although I currently use these patterns for tests and experiments, I know I’m developing the skills that will be crucial to any future job opportunities.

What impact have the faculty, staff and advisors at Daemen had on you?

The faculty here at Daemen is always willing to help. Whether it’s 7:00 in the morning or 9:30 at night, there’s always someone who’s waiting with open arms. Especially in the science department, I feel like the teachers and students are such a close knit family who all rely on each other for success.

Do you live on campus? What has been your experience?

I am a commuter.

Have you had any internship, study abroad, service learning or academic experience (ex. Academic Festival, Research Think Tank, etc.) that you can tell us about?

Last year I presented at the Academic Festival about research on Estrogen and the female body with relation to obesity. I’m hoping to present in the next two academic festivals, as well as studying abroad in Fall or Spring 2011/2012 in Ireland. I’m also applying for the Dominican Republic trip in the Winter for my service learning.

What do you like best about Daemen?

My favorite thing about Daemen is absolutely the relationships I share with my professors. The way they make themselves available truly allows for great learning. Outside of class, they’re so available for questions and even teaching you deeper into an area if you desire. Sometimes, especially with my learning technique, I need to understand why. When a teacher can delve deeper into something that gives me more than a basic understanding, it changes from short term memory to long term memory and actual learning.

What are your plans after graduation?

Currently, I’m planning on attending a graduate school somewhere in the west.

What clubs or organizations have you been apart of here at Daemen?

Since my freshmen year, I’ve been an active member in the Honors Program. As a sophomore, I was named to the program’s governing board and am still on the board today. Joining the board of the Honors Program has truly allowed me to challenge myself as well as becoming part of another close knit group on campus.

Favorite campus activities:

Although I don’t get to go to enough, I really do enjoy the TGIFs on Fridays. It’s a nice break from my schedule and usually allows for me to just hang out with my classmates, outside of the library or classroom. I also really like the guest speakers they bring to campus.

Favorite campus hangout:

In the mornings, my commuter friends and I meet in the library to “prep” ourselves for the day. I really like the open lobby outside the library because of all the bright windows. In the afternoons, I can usually be found in 212, studying with all the other science majors.

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