David - International Business

David Morales

International Business

David was an international student from Caracas, Venezuela. He majored in International Business and had an internship at Liberty Pumps, which actually turned into a job. David has applied his knowledge and skills at national and international trips with the company. "The internship is the main reason I got the job," David states. "I had an opportunity to get to know the company and become familiar with what they do. I am very glad I was afforded the chance to join this company through the internship."


What are the academics like on campus?

The teachers at Daemen are very prepared and know how to approach a student. I am a business major and the teachers have a lot of business experience outside the classroom which helps them teach us things that are not in the textbooks.


What is your favorite thing about Daemen College?

I don’t have just one favorite thing about Daemen, I have many. The people here are great! The RIC is also one of my favorite things as it is a very nice and comfortable place to study and do homework. Additionally, I enjoyed playing on the soccer team and going on trips together. Attending events like Midnight Madness and Spring Fest are things that all students love.


What department on campus has been helpful to you during your time at Daemen?

 I have used the Learning Center on campus multiple times throughout my semesters. It is really helpful for students. It provide us an opportunity to be successful in college and best of all it is free. Like most of the international students, I struggled with my writing in English and I went to the learning center for some help. I’m really glad I went there.


How have you been involved on campus?

I am a member of the Daemen soccer team, I am a Spanish coach, and I also work in the Admissions Office as a tour guide.


What is your favorite thing about Buffalo, NY?

One of my favorite things about Buffalo is the food, the people, the night life and going to Bills and Sabres games. Even though I am not a big fan of football or hockey, both sports are really fun to go to and experience. Buffalo has a great college life and there are a lot of things that students can do to enjoy the college life. Also I can’t forget about Niagara Falls which is a place where everybody has to visit because it is truly amazing.


What has your experience at Daemen College been like?

My experience at Daemen has been amazing. I am very happy to be here. People treated me well from the first day I came here. I made a ton of great friends. I would definitely recommend Daemen to prospective students.

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Health Care Studies Professor Justine Tutuska, accompanied by her students, traveled to the Dominican Republic to work on Public Health Issues and school building.

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