Eric - History and Government

Eric - History & Government

History and Government

Eric applied his knowledge and gained new skills through internships. His focus in public history is in archival work. He was able to complete an archival project at the YWCA in Buffalo. He also worked on a photographic collection at the Smithsonian Museum of American History in Washington D.C. while gaining hands on experience in his field.

Why did you choose Daemen?

I decided to choose Daemen as my college of choice because the campus offered all the resources I needed to make my college experience as productive and rewarding as possible, including the small class sizes.

Why did you choose History and Government as a major?

I chose History and Government because I have always been very interested in learning about the past because the events in our world's past has made a tremendous influence on the present world we are living in today. In addition, I have excelled in my history classes back in high school so I decided to further study and pursue this subject as a career. I worked at the Smithsonian Museum of American History working on a photographic collection and learning more about DC's past.

How has your academic experience at Daemen benefitted you?

My academic experience at Daemen has been helpful because the campus provides the student enough opportunities to get help by either going to the teacher's office hours or going to the Learning Center.

What impact have the Daemen faculty, advisors, and staff had on you?

The History and Government faculty and my advisor, Prof. Walsh, have been a great help to me in my classes and my career plans. With respect to my career plans in public history, they have informed me more about their understanding of the profession and provided me with internship opportunities that relate to my interests.

Please describe your internship experience?

One experience that has been beneficial to my future career in public history was my internship at the YWCA of WNY. I wanted to pursue one area of public history which is archival work. At the YWCA, I had the opportunity to sort and re-house the organization's archives. I sorted through a variety of archival material including books, magazines, negatives and slides that have captured events over the organization's 140- year history in Buffalo. The most important part of the internship was learning more about this organization's history because I enjoy learning about what occurred in the past, no matter what place it may be.

What do you like best about Daemen College?

The most beneficial resource Daemen has offered me was a rewarding college experience that has prepared me for the changing present world by helping me develop and/or enhance skills to best help me succeed once I graduate and continue to pursue a career in history.

What's your favorite campus activity?

My favorite campus activity is working out at Daemen's weight and cardio rooms.

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