Megan - Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Megan was looking for a small school that could offer a personal education and offer her a well-rounded experience preparing her to be a Physical Therapist.  Megan found that at Daemen as well as a tremendous amount of other opportunities.

Why did you choose Daemen?

College is definitely different and more challenging than high school. The schedule in college is completely different. I think becoming accustomed to having extra time that you aren’t in class and budgeting your time wisely is a huge difference from high school to college.

Why did you choose Physical Therapy?

My younger brother was born with a genetic disorder and required physical therapy throughout much of his life. Watching what the therapists were able to do with my brother, especially increasing his coordination and range of motion was amazing to me. I wanted to assist in the lives of children like the therapists that worked with my brother did.

Describe your academic experience at Daemen.

It has been excellent. My undergraduate work was very successful and I have had many wonderful professors to help me along the way. My graduate studies with the Physical Therapy program have been more than what I imagined they would be. I love the entire PT department faculty. They are always there to help and assist you with concepts that may not be fully understood. The labs are always open for us to practice in. All of the professors have an open door policy so if you don’t have a scheduled time to meet with them and their door is open; you can walk in with any questions, concerns, or just to talk. They are amazing professors, therapists, and people to work with and I am very privileged to have them as educators.

What impact have the faculty, staff and advisors at Daemen had on you?

They are all there to assist the students and make sure the education we receive is the best possible. The professors are very accessible and most of them will not only give you their e-mail address, but their phone numbers as well.

Do you live on campus?

I lived on campus my freshmen year in the freshmen dorm (Canavan Hall). That was a lot of fun and it is nice because all of the freshmen that live on campus live in one building. My sophomore year I lived in the apartments on campus they are gorgeous facilities and having your own room is nice sometimes.  I loved living on campus. I met some wonderful people and made lifelong friendships.

Have you had any service learning experience?

I completed a couple of service learning experiences during my undergraduate studies. I had the opportunity to assist communities in the Buffalo area.  I think the service learning experience is wonderful and is a unique feature of Daemen’s educational requirements.  I really enjoyed my service learning and I was able to impact a few lives with my weekly visits to the facility.

Have you had and “hands-on” experience?

My first clinical internship was this past summer. I loved every minute of being in the clinic. I learned a lot and I was able to apply all of the knowledge and hard work from the previous year to assist patients in their rehabilitation process. It's exciting that we are able to go out into clinics and practice under a therapist, while still in school. It was a rewarding experience to help people return to their daily functional activities that they were unable to do before they came to see you.

What do you like best about Daemen?

I like the dedication that the professors have to their students. It is nice to come to class every day knowing that your professors are there to educate you in your desired field because they love to do what they do.

What are your plans after graduation?

I plan to take the licensure board exam and possibly practice in an underserved area for a few years. I would love to work with children & athletes in physical therapy.

Why should other students select Daemen?

The education at Daemen is a unique and challenging experience. The number of majors, small class sizes, professors, resources available, size of the campus, and the people are all reasons to attend Daemen.  The students here are not just numbers, we matter to our professors. The Research and Information Commons is an amazing facility and has so much to offer. It provides Daemen students with a place to study, complete research, facilitate group projects, receive academic assistance, and so much more.

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Wow! Did you know that Daemen Physical Therapy students excel on the national licensure exam?

The Daemen College Weighted Average Ultimate Pass Rate based on the most current data as reported by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (2009-2011) is 100%, with our graduates demonstrating first time pass rates above both state and national averages each year.

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