The National Alumni Board of Governors represents the Daemen College/Rosary Hill College National Alumni Association. The Association was formed to serve the needs of the alumni community through the life-long pursuit of knowledge and desiring to retain close ties with the alma mater. The Association assists the College and specifically the Office of Institutional Advancement, in achieving its mission to engage alumni in direct and meaningful ways in order to develop a long-term relationship between alumni and alma mater. This group is responsible for the Distinguished Alumni Awards, the Alumni Senior Award, and works with academic departments for Distinguished Alumni recognition within disciplines.

The objectives of the National Alumni Board of Governors are to:

  • Promote the interests of the College;
  • Provide life-long educational, cultural, and social opportunities to the Association’s members and the regional community;
  • Act as the integrating organization promoting cooperation and understanding among all alumni, alumni chapters, the College, students, potential students and the regional community;
  • Encourage financial support of the College through the Annual Fund, fundraising campaigns, and other efforts by the College to bring additional financial support to the College; and
  • Ensure that Alumni Association goals match the long-range goals of the College as set forth in its Strategic Plan, Facilities Master Plan, and other strategic endeavors of the College.

Below is a list of the members of the National Alumni Board of Governors.

National Alumni Board of Governors

Executive Board Members

Amy Miechowicz '89
Chair of the Nominating Committee
McKenzie Higgins '09
Chair of the Events Committee
Andrew Lawrence '08
Chair of the Alumni Engagement Committee 
Damian F. Desbordes '09, '13
Chair of the Institutional Advancement Committee 
Jennifer Twist McLean '07

National Alumni Board Members

JoAnn Grzechowiak '62
Phyllis Friscia Scott '67
Lois Grollitsch '70
Don Hogan '80
Phil Hendrix '81
Lawrence Ronald '86
Dr. Adair F. White-Johnson '86
M. Krista Barth '90
Geoffrey L. Abraskin, PT, DPT, CWS '02, '05 
Stephanie Foreman '06
Tiffany N. Goldwire MA, CHES '08
Nicholas Kaczmarek '13
Dr. Dylan Stannard '18, '20