The Fundraiser 

The Charles Sabatino Study Abroad Scholarship annual fundraising event is not forgotten just on pause.

We are continuing Charlie’s legacy during a time of social distancing. You can continue to support the scholarship. A special message from Charlie's family will be emailed on November 13. 

Dr. Charles Sabatino

About Charlie

The scholarship is named in memory of the college's longtime and beloved professor of philosophy and religious studies, Dr. Charlie Sabatino. He was an ardent supporter of many causes, including service learning and study abroad.  

This scholarship fund is as unique as the man it honors. He was a well respected member of the Daemen community, touching the lives of many students, faculty and staff.

Sabatino dedicated his life to helping others both by teaching and through outreach services. He volunteered his time to countless organizations, including working with inmates to help aid in rehabilitation and successful reentry into the community.

Sabatino was passionate about both learning and traveling. Through his own experiences in traveling, he felt that submerging oneself into other cultures was the most effective and enriching way to learn and conduct research.

He believed that by moving out of one’s comfort zone, it allowed the student to see the world through another lens. As such, the student scholarship named in his honor provides students with funds for travel expenses, and not simply tuition.

Thus far, the scholarship has been able to assist 17 students in their quests to study abroad in 13 countries.

Recently, the scholarship was able to provide a student the opportunity to study abroad in Italy. The scholarship relies on donations from the community and was founded by Sabatino’s friends, family and former students.    

Sabatino Scholar winner, Nathan Nasternak