Liquor Authority Requests

The New York Sate Liquor Authority requires that activities held in areas on campus other than Wick Center must obtain a liquor license prior to the event. Departments requesting a liquor license must submit notice to the Chief Accountant, Lisa Arida, one month in advance of the event. The following information must be included in the request and can be emailed to the business office at:

Date of Event
Beginning and Ending Times of Event
Location of the Event (ie., Duns Scotus Room 102)
Estimated Number of People Expected
Account Number to be Charged $48 for the License

Departments electing to sponsor on campus events in which alcohol is to be served must purchase that alcohol through Hallmark Management Services. Hallmark will provide a bartender to oversee appropriate distribution of alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages distributed by anyone other than representatives of Hallmark Management Services is strictly prohibited.

The business office will do their best to accommodate all requests, however, there are no guarantees that requests submitted late (without a one-month advance notice) will be processed.

Under no circumstances will alcoholic beverages be served, except in Wick Center, without a Liquor Authority Permit.

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Nick held several student leadership positions at Daemen and also completed an internship for graphic design. He recently traveled abroad to Italy with students and the department chair of the program.