Gifts of Life Insurance

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By using life insurance to make a charitable gift, it is often times possible to make a gift larger than ever thought possible.  For instance, it is possible to:


    • Gift an existing policy that has outlived its original purpose.
    • Take out a new policy naming Daemen College as beneficiary or co-beneficiary.
    • Utilize a life insurance policy to replace another asset used to make a charitable gift.


Life insurance may offer you an excellent way to make a meaningful gift to Daemen College without using current spendable income or assets that may be needed for other purposes.  And a planned gift of this type qualifies you for membership in the M. Angela Canavan, OSF Legacy Society.



For more information on how to make a gift of life insurance to Daemen College or another type of planned gift, contact Pat Smith, Director of Leadership Giving at 716-839-8255 or


The information in the Web site is not intended as legal advice.  For legal advice, please consult an attorney.

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