Cathaleen Curtiss Named Coordinator of Daemen Entrepreneurial Program

Cathaleen Curtiss Named Coordinator of Daemen Entrepreneurial Program


January 18, 2012



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Daemen College has named Cathaleen Curtiss Coordinator of the Daemen Interdisciplinary Minor in Entrepreneurship Program. Curtiss is an award-winning photojournalist, editor and director of photography, with experience in traditional print as well as online media. She holds a B.A. from Central Michigan University.


In her new position, Curtiss will manage Daemen’s Interdisciplinary Minor in Entrepreneurship, which is focused on the Liberal Arts and expanding opportunities for Liberal Arts students. Through this minor, students are encouraged to take advantage of their knowledge, creative skills, and resources to identify and pursue opportunities, initiate change, and create sustainable value. A minor in entrepreneurship and social enterprise can be coupled with any major within Daemen College.


“Daemen College is focusing an entrepreneurial mindset across all academic disciplines,” said Daemen President Dr. Edwin Clausen. “This will serve to strengthen Daemen graduates' ability to create their own pathways in life, and to use their entrepreneurial skills on behalf of their communities as well as societies throughout the world.


“Cathaleen is an accomplished and respected leader, with a commitment to creating and implementing successful organizations. Her extensive experiences in organizational effectiveness, accomplished over 13 years with Global Photography at AOL, make her the ideal person to coordinate and manage Daemen’s Interdisciplinary Minor in Entrepreneurship. We are thrilled to have Cathaleen as a member of the Daemen College community.”


The Daemen Interdisciplinary Minor in Entrepreneurship will promote and encourage the development of skill sets such as creativity and innovation; creative problem solving and brainstorming; opportunity recognition; and networking. These skills will enable Daemen Liberal Arts graduates to find greater success in new venture development and in creating sustainable

projects in all fields. 


As Vice President of Global Photography at AOL, Curtiss oversaw a staff of picture editors based in Virginia; New York; and Bangalore, India, who created visual presentations for AOL worldwide. Curtiss was instrumental in creating and successfully leading a staff in India to support the ongoing need for visual content on AOL. She is a respected leader in staff recruitment, management, and motivation.


While at AOL Curtiss managed and assigned photographers, while elevating the use of photography at the online service. In 2005, her staff of photographers and photo editors played an important role in AOL winning its first Daytime Emmy in the nontraditional broadband delivery platform category, for the Live 8 Concert. Growing the staff from two photo editors in 1997 to over 80 by 2009, Curtiss played a key role in expanding the use of photojournalism online. The photography department under her direction accounted for over 12 billion page views a year.


In 2008, AOL presented Curtiss with the first AOL/Time Warner Heroes Award in recognition of her department’s role in driving more than 70% of the page views on AOL content sites.


            Curtiss also worked with teams in London, Paris, Japan, Mexico City, South America, and Germany setting up visual content presentation on AOL international sites. She was accountable for mentoring the photography staff and implementing the legal and design guidelines for photography use across all of AOL’s international partners.


As an award-winning photojournalist she has documented events from Super Bowls to  Superpower summits, covering three presidential administrations, and handling daily assignments and international news. In 1990 the White House News Photographers Association recognized her as Photographer of the Year.  She is an active member in the National Press Photographers' Association.


Curtiss’ awards and professional recognition also includes the National Press Photographers Association Award of Merit in 2006: Kenneth P McLaughlin Award for Outstanding Service in the Interest of News Photography.


Curtiss was inducted into the Central Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame in 2010, and was named Alumni of the Year in 2006 by the Central Michigan University Journalism School. She has received photography awards from Ohio News Photographers Association; Michigan Press Photographers Association; Texas Press Association; MDDC Press Associations; Society for Newspaper Design; WHNPA; NPPA; and others, from 1980-2009.

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