Daemen College Launches Innovative Blended Curriculum 'Plus' Program

November 13, 2013

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Daemen College announced today that it has launched a new blended academic curricula program that will connect undergraduate majors in the Liberal Arts to practical career and emerging job opportunities.

This new academic initiative has been under development for two years, and will begin immediately with a link between the Modern Languages and five growing career pathways, including Paralegal Studies; Community Health; Global Business; Human Resource Management; and Public Policy. The College indicated that its goal is to have every undergraduate major in the Liberal Arts integrated and blended into these and other job-related tracks in 2014.

In a statement from her campus office at the Amherst College, Dr. Denise Mills, creator of the Modern Languages+Plus program and Chair of the Modern Languages Department, said: We believe that this integrated, blended academic programming will provide students with the creative thinking skills grounded within the Liberal Arts, while preparing students for employment and career options in emerging job growth areas. Daemens Modern Language Plus program will hopefully be the first phase of a campus-wide initiative to blend the liberal arts and humanities with the skills that the private sector wants and needs. The Daemen Plus program will give our students the tool kit to embrace the humanities and make a living out of it.

Dr. Mills cited the Modern Languages +Plus Global Business Track as one example of the blended curriculum program that will prepare students for a growing job market in international business and trade. In this Plus program, students would spend a semester abroad; take 48 credit hours in two foreign languages, coupled with a cohort of 30 credits in Global Business, that would include Introduction to International Business, Principles of Marketing, Managerial Accounting, Microeconomics, Business Law, Diversity and Cross Cultural Management; and participate in both local and international internships.

Dr. Michael Brogan, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College, stated: Polls have shown that adults and employers want colleges to produce graduates who can think critically, creatively, and communicate both orally and in writing. Daemens Plus program established by Dr. Mills, will do precisely that, plus provide a solid concentration of knowledge and coursework directly related to industry needsand do so in four years. We think blending is the way to go.

The other Plus programs would have a similar core in the Modern Languages, plus a concentration of practical, focused tracks in Public Policy, Human Resource Management, Community Health and even Paralegal Studies. Discussions on the Amherst campus of Daemen are ongoing about the near term expansion of the blended curriculum Plus program to most other undergraduate Liberal Arts and humanities majors.

For additional information on the Daemen College Plus Programs, please contact Dr. Denise Mills, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Modern Languages, (716) 839-8341 or dmills@daemen.edu.

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