Daemen College Receives $1500 Mini-Grant for Rainwater Irrigation Project

Daemen College Receives $1500 Mini-Grant for Rainwater Irrigation Project



March 3, 2011



Contact:  Mike Andrei

                 Director-College Relations





           Daemen Professor of Biology Dr. Brenda L. Young and Associate Professor of Graphic Design Kevin Kegler have been awarded a mini-grant of $1500 through the Western New York Service-Learning Coalition mini-grant program, funded through a grant from The John R. Oishei Foundation. Funds will be used for supplies for a service-learning project with Buffalo ReUse which will take place as part of their course, "Environmental Service Learning,” offered for the fall 2011 semester. The proposal was authored by Dr. Young.



           Through this project, Daemen students will help improve community gardening efforts and increase environmental awareness on the East Side of Buffalo. Currently, Buffalo ReUse has several urban lots with garden plots available to community members.  Buffalo ReUse provides workshops to community members on how to grow vegetables, maintain garden plots and preserve food produced using sustainable practices.  While tools and compost are available near the garden plots, city water must be hauled from adjacent properties.  The lack of water available on site makes gardening difficult for some older individuals and tedious during the drier periods of the summer.  Additionally, the use of a municipal source of drinking water for irrigation does not model the best sustainable practice. 


           Dr. Young, Associate Professor Kegler, and Daemen students will design and build a rainwater irrigation system that will demonstrate the proper use of low-flow valves and gravity to irrigate garden plots.  They will prepare educational signage for the demonstration to explain how the system is designed and the benefits that it provides. The proposed design of a rainwater irrigation system for garden beds at Buffalo ReUse will meet several community needs. Water will be available on site for individuals who may have physical limitations with hauling it to site.  The system will serve as a demonstration project to encourage others to replicate it for their gardens.  Educational materials will increase awareness about storm water issues in Buffalo and the economic and environmental benefits of using rainwater to irrigate.


           For more information, contact Dr. Brenda Young at byoung@daemen.edu  or Kevin Kegler at kkegler@daemen.edu.




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