Daemen College Sponsoring Good Going WNY 2011 Earth Week Project

Daemen College Center For Sustainable Communities and Civic Engagement Encouraging Use of Alternative Forms of Transportation During Earth Week 2011 


April 5, 2011




Contacts:  Mike Andrei

                   Director-College Relations





                  Cheryl Bird

                  Daemen College Center for

                  Sustainable Communities &

                  Civic Engagement





           In an effort to reduce traffic congestion and pollution, the Daemen College Center for Sustainable Communities & Civic Engagement will be participating in the “Good Going WNY” project during Earth Week 2011 – April 17 - 23. This annual event, which focuses on smarter travel options - including carpooling, taking the bus/rail, and bicycling – encourages use of alternative forms of transportation during Earth Week.



           “The Daemen College Center for Sustainable Communities & Civic Engagement will be strongly encouraging Daemen staff, students and faculty to save energy – and reduce their personal carbon footprint – by using an alternative form of transportation during Earth Week,” said Center for Sustainable Communities & Civic Engagement Executive Director Cheryl Bird.   



           “Daemen has been awarded the prize for the best participation by a large organization for the past three years by the Good Going WNY organization. We want to make it a fourth year!”



           The Greater Buffalo-Niagara Regional Transportation Council has created a new way for travelers and other ride-seekers to find transportation alternatives: a secure, easy-to-use and FREE website that provides information on smarter travel options. 



           “Good Going lets you enjoy the advantages of sharing ride costs and the benefits of less stressful travel, while also reducing traffic congestion and pollution in this region,” noted Bird. “We invite everyone to participate at their place of employment.”



           Registration is on line, and registration tables will be set up in the RIC cafe and Wick lobby at Daemen College during the two weeks prior to Earth Week.

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