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Daemen College and the Board of Governors of the Daemen College/Rosary Hall Alumni Association announced the winners of their Distinguished Alumni Award for 2013. This is the highest award made each year by the College and its Alumni Association, and will be formally acknowledged at the Distinguished Alumni Awards Dinner on Friday, November 1st at the Charles Wick Center on the Daemen Campus.

The five Distinguished Alumni for 2013, are Paul M. Michaud 99, Distinguished Alumnus (Military health care); Jeffrey Rabey 92, Dedication to the College (Education leadership); Grace Meibohm 83, Advancement in Career (The Arts); Christopher D. Moore 00, Service to the Community (Law Enforcement and Community Service); Ali Ladak 08, Graduate of the Last Decade (Physical Therapy health care).

Dr. Richanne Mankey, Interim Vice President for Institutional Advancement applauded the selection of this years Distinguished Alumni Award winners, stating:

Once again, The Daemen College/Rosary Hall Alumni Association has selected an elite group of distinguished alumni who warrant special recognition and celebration by the College. The five individuals whom will be honored next month continue the remarkable history of excellence, service, and achievement that has been the hallmark of our Distinguished Alumni Award winners since 1986.

Outstanding alumni who have been honored in the past, have worked in the fields of business, finance, medicine, health sciences, education, law, civic organizations and the arts. They have all exhibited ideals expressed by the Sisters of St. Francis when they founded Rosary Hill College, and that the faculty and administration maintain in Daemen College. DistinguishedAlumni are awarded in five categories:Advancementin Career, Outstanding Service to the Community, Dedication to the College, Graduate of the Last Decade and the Distinguished Alumni Award.

Profiles of the 2013 Distinguished Alumni Award winners follow:

Paul M. Michaud 99

As a graduate from Daemen College with a BS in Physical Therapy Paul began his career path with a solid foundation. Paul continued his studies, graduating with his Master's in Science Education from the University at Buffalo and his Medical Doctorate from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. His studies gave him the structure in which to build a rewarding career serving the country. Dr. Michaud proudly serves in the United States Army. He is a Major in the Medical Corps.As a graduate from Daemen College with a BS in Physical Therapy Paul began his career path with a solid foundation. Paul continued his studies, graduating with his Master's in Science Education from the University at Buffalo and his Medical Doctorate from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. His studies gave him the structure in which to build a rewarding career serving the country. Dr. Michaud proudly serves in the United States Army. He is a Major in the Medical Corps.

Dr. Michaud was recently promoted to Assistant Deputy Commander for Clinical Services for Eisenhower Army Medical Center. He was most recently the Chief of Radiology and Nuclear and General Radiologist. Additionally, he served as the Deputy Consultant for Nuclear Medicine for the Office of the Surgeon General. He previously worked as the Chief of Nuclear Radiology for the Eisenhower Army Medical Center and the Nuclear and General Radiologist for Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Dr. Michaud was the 2013 Convocation speaker for Daemen College. In his remarks, Dr. Michaud thanked his Daemen professors, singling out Vice President for Academic Affairs and Doctor of Physical Therapy Michael S. Brogan as his mentor, and someone "who has done so much to bring me to where I am today. At Daemen I learned how to take care of people. This is a cornerstone of my medical career. It is my philosophy today, and also that of my staff."

Paul currently resides in Evans, Georgia with his wife Jamie and their five sons Paul, James, Andrew, David and Luke. According to his supervisors, Paul is a stunning talent with absolutely unlimited potential. He continues to achieve professionally and serve his nation with the utmost potential.

Jeffrey Rabey 92

Jeffrey Rabey has been involved with the College for years following his 1992 graduation. As the Chair of the National Board of Governors, a position he has held since 2011, Jeffrey has overseen several changes while representing the Daemen Colleges alumni population. As the Chair of the Board of Governors, Jeffrey serves as the presiding officer for the Daemen College/ Rosary Hill Alumni Association. The Board is responsible for the Distinguished Alumni Awards, the Alumni Senior Award, overseeing various Alumni Chapters and works with academic departments for Distinguished Alumni recognition within disciplines. During his tenure, Mr. Rabey spoke on behalf of the Alumni Association for the 2011 Inauguration of past President Edwin Clausen and most recently, Jeffrey spoke at the 2013 Inauguration of President Gary A. Olson. Jeffrey served at the master of ceremonies for the Distinguished Alumni Awards in 2011.

Jeffrey has also represented his fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon for the 2008 Greek Reunion and was a featured alumni speaker for the 2012 Alumni After Hours event. Most recently, Jeffrey holds a position on the newly established Presidents Leadership Advisory Council.

Rabey was believed to be the youngest school superintendent in New York State when he accepted the position at Lakeshore in 2005. He currently serves as the superintendent for Depew Union Free School District, where he has worked since 2010. Jeffrey Rabey has been all about education since his graduation. Its all about the kids, is an operating philosophy he frequently repeats in one form or another. He and his wife Tracy have five children, Jordon, Jonathan, Alexander, Eleanor and Cora and they reside in East Aurora.

Grace Meibohm 83

Grace Meibohm 83 always knew that she would have a career in the art field. Even before she was tall enough to see over the top of the counter of the art shop that has been in her family for three generations. Grace is the owner Meibohm Fine Arts is located in two buildings along Main Street in East Aurora, the front building houses the art gallery, which features the works of local artists, both historic and contemporary. Grace changes the exhibit five times a year; for each presentation the entire three-room gallery is dedicated to one artist.

In addition to her father and grandfather, her fathers sister, Edna Lindemann, was the founding director of the Burchfield Center, later to be the Burchfield-Penney Art Center. While Grace came from such an artistic background, her parents never influenced her or insisted that she choose art as her profession (so she could take over the business); Grace chose the art field because she really enjoyed it.

Grace is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to running her shop, handling everything from finances to the shop work: I especially enjoy working with other artists, and helping people choose beautiful artwork for their homes.

The Meibohm Gallery has gained a reputation for advancing the careers of established artists and getting young artists' careers off the ground. In addition, her framing services are sought my large numbers of area artists and her shop is the epitome of the professionally stocked art supplies base. Hers is a gigantic contribution to the arts in this community. She commands great respect in the art world, and her capacity to "hang" a show is unequaled. She is renowned for her exquisite mounting of shows, which have included the most important members of the WNY artistic community, including Daemens own Kevin Kegler and Dennis Barraclough.

Christopher D. Moore 00

Upon his graduation from Daemen, Christopher Moore did not know how his service to community would shape his life. After his time as a Daemen College basketball athlete and an Education major, he briefly worked for Daemen Colleges Admissions department. Christopher later attended Canisius College and worked in the athletics department. Later, while serving as a Buffalo Firefighter, Moore was recruited in 2005 as a U.S. Secret Service in the Uniformed Division Officer. He was promoted in 2007 to the Technical Security Division. Christopher Moore currently works for the United States Secret Service, assisting in protection of President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joseph Biden.

Moore has extensive service to various community organizations. He served as the March of Dimes/March For Babies Chairman for the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Chapter for the past three years. Moore assists with Project Alpha a mentoring program for twelve to fifteen year old boys as well as Go To High School, Go To College mentoring high school students to attend college. Christopher also works with A Voteless People is a Hopeless People assisting with voter registration.

Christophers volunteer activities have positively impacted the development of young African-American males in the community. There has been an increase in the number of males who attend these events each year. Christopher resides in Maryland with his wife and son.

Ali Ladak 08

Ali Ladaks career as a Physical Therapist and world traveler began during his time at Daemen College. As a graduate student, Ladak traveled to Africa to promote HIV awareness and the importance of preventive education in battling the HIV/AIDS virus. The group traveled to Tanzania, one of many African nations struggling with a high incidence of HIV/AIDS. Along with a fellow physical therapy student, Ladak presented onshoulder mobilizations and rehabilitation at Aga Khan Hospital in Dar Es Salaam. The Daemen students also spent a day at a local orphanage. Also while in Tanzania, the Daemen group also climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa.

Ladak continued joint efforts of health care and travel through his first foray into his profession. As a traveling physical therapist, Ladak spent the next five years traveling around the United States practicing his trade and recruiting other college students become traveling physical therapists. Ali has been featured at Daemen College on several occasions meeting with graduate students on the benefits of his profession.

During his early career, Ladak also spent time traveling the globe. Most recently, Ali and his wife, Alicia, a 2007 graduate, visited Peru and Brazil. They continue to invest their time and passion into the health care profession while embracing their love of travel.

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