Daemen College Hosts International Research Forum April 22-24

Daemen International Research Forum will focus on Social Perspectives in Higher Education


Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown to Deliver Welcoming Remarks


April 17, 2013



Contact: Mike Andrei

                Director-College Relations

                (716) 839-8472




Information: Michele Ratzel

                       Administrative Assistant, Office of the Dean

                       Daemen Division of Health

                       and Human Services

                       (716) 839-8554



            Daemen College will host an International Research Form on “Social Perspectives in Higher Education,” co-sponsored by the National Association of African American Studies and Affiliates and Universidad Autonoma de Coahuila.   The Forum will be held in Wick Center on the Daemen campus in Amherst, April 22-24.


Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown will attend the opening of the International Research Forum, and deliver welcoming remarks at 8:30. 


Daemen College President Gary A. Olson said, “We are honored to host this important Forum, in partnership with the Universidad Autonoma de Coahuila and the prestigious National Association of African American Studies and Affiliates.


“Researchers from Daemen College, the University, and others will present papers on critically important research in the areas of education, health care, international education and development, and other topics with a focus on social perspectives in higher education.” 


Daemen College and its partners are particularly pleased to highlight four (4) important presentations by our colleagues from Mexico:


l. Perfil Financiero y Administrativo de las Pequenas Empresas de Torreon Coahuila/  Financial and Administrative Profile of Small Businesses in Torreon, Coahuila.

2.  El Arte Activista Como Medio Para Concientizar En La Solucion De Problemas Sociales / Activist Art as the Media to Raise Consciousness for Solving Social Problems

3.  Causas Del Alcholismo En Mujeres Universitarias Y sus Consecuencias. / Causes and Consequences of Alcoholism in Female University Students

4.  Actores sociales adscritos a programas de politica publica in Nuevo Leon: un estudio desde la perspectiva Curso de Vida /Social Advocates Attached to Public Policy Programs in Nuevo Leon: A Study from the Course of Life Perspective.


            Sixteen Daemen College faculty and researchers will present their scholarly work and research findings, including on the following topics:


·                Educational Technology: Creating New Barriers and Opportunities for College Learners with Disabilities


·                Is the U.S. Headed in the Wrong Direction?  Education Reform and the U.S. Approach


·                Opportunities in Higher Education for International Students


·                The Fusion of Academic After-School Programs and Master Level Special Education Teacher Preparation to Ensure Best Practice:  A Model Program Reviewed.


·                Equity Pedagogy:  An essential Element for Maximizing Student Learning in Multicultural College Classrooms


·                A History of Spinal Manipulation: Global Perspectives and Impact on Higher Education


For questions regarding this event, please contact Michele Ratzel, administrative assistant, Office of the Dean, Daemen College Division of Health and Human Services, (716) 839-8554, or mratzel@daemen.edu . Also, Dr. Joanne Sadler, assistant professor of education, (716) 839-8528, jsadler@daemen.edu


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