Daemen College Inaugurates International Center for Excellence in Animation


Center Includes the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation 



March 10, 2011


Media: Mike Andrei

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                   Director-Visual and Performing Arts

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           Daemen College will open a new International Center for Excellence in Animation, and through the Center, offer a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation. The College will begin accepting students into the program for the Fall, 2011 semester. Daemen’s Animation program, operated through the International Center, is also fully integrated with a Western New York animation studio.


           “The increasing complexity of the modern world hinges more than ever on complicated and widespread means of communication,” said Dr. Laura Watts Sommer, Associate Professor of Art History and Director, Visual and Performing Arts at Daemen College. 


           “The International Center for Excellence in Animation will train students to employ art and technology to affect communication in all its forms: entertainment, information dispersal, performance, mass communication, international understanding, and intercultural awareness.”


           The program is unique in its response to industry feedback, responding to  professionals who see a deficiency of animators with a high level of artistic training.  Students in the Animation Program will be trained as artists and thinkers, and will be able to transfer their creative strengths directly into the field of animation. The Daemen program will provide students with specialized technical training in 2D and 3D Animation within a Fine Arts context. The curriculum will also foster the development of well-rounded learning experiences, better enabling students to actively participate in a complex world.  


           The Daemen Animation Program, as part of the International Center, is built around multiple strengths, recognized by animation professionals and business leaders. These include the combination of the flexibility and breadth of a Liberal Arts program; the strong visual skills of a Fine Arts program; and the technological opportunities presented by upper level, specialized animation instruction.


           To enable students in the program to gain career experience, Daemen has entered into discussions with animation studio IBC Digital.  Based in Buffalo, NY, IBC Digital has been a strong creative force in the industry, producing national commercials, animated television series, and interstitial projects for clients such as MTV; Disney; PBS; and brands including Trix; Cocoa Puffs; Reese’s; and Kid Cuisine.


           “Daemen’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation is truly world class,” said IBC Digital President Ben Porcari. “Students will have all of the advantages of an accredited degree program, a strong arts foundation, and integrated international partnerships and industry programs. Students will be well-positioned upon graduation to reach their full potential in this growing industry.”


           IBC Digital will be an integral partner in the Center, sharing facilities, creative projects, and international collaborations. The partnership allows students to benefit from the professional experiences and training garnered through available internships and post-graduate employment opportunities. The co-location of an industry partner with the academic program will allow for greater success to these programs for all qualified students. Additionally, it allows the curriculum to develop alongside evolving industry needs. The partnership provides a necessary experiential component to strengthen technical training, and direct students to the areas of study to which they are best suited.


           The International Center of Excellence in Animation at Daemen College presents a unique opportunity for students pursuing a future in the dynamic animation industry. The program’s mission is to give graduates the tools they need to both succeed in the industry and express their own unique creative visions. 



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