Daemen Education Department Earns Seven Year Accreditation

National Teacher Education Accreditation Council’s Longest Possible Period


May 15, 2013



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The Daemen College Education Department has received a seven year accreditation from the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC).


TEAC awarded the teacher preparation program housed within the Daemen College Education Department the Council’s longest possible accreditation period.  Currently, Daemen College offers 14 program options that lead to teacher certification in varying content areas at undergraduate and graduate levels.


            Daemen President Gary A. Olson said, “This seven year accreditation reflects the intense dedication and hard work on the part of all members of the Daemen Education Department.”


“This ongoing, continuous improvement will ensure meeting the highest standards for teacher certification programs at Daemen.”  


Associate Dean for the Education Department Elizabeth Wright expressed the Department’s pride, stating that, “This determination represents the culmination of a process of inquiry, reflection, and data driven decision-making for the Department faculty.  We believe that our dedicated efforts were fully validated by the Committee’s award of the longest possible accreditation period of seven years.”


The accreditation process for the Department included an internal audit of its quality control systems, the preparation of an Inquiry Brief that makes claims about the Department’s program and validates the claims with data, and a site visit.  The Education Department made six claims about its graduates as follows:


1a. Content knowledge:  Teacher candidates are competent in the subject matter that they will

      teach and are knowledgeable about liberal arts and science content.

1b. Pedagogical knowledge:  Teacher candidates are able to plan for, implement, and evaluate

      student learning and behavior in diverse educational settings.

2a. Educational Technology: Teacher candidates are able to access and use instructional

      technology to enhance student learning.

2b. Learner Differences:  Teacher candidates possess knowledge regarding student diversity, and

      are able to adapt instruction to meet the needs of all students.

2c. Professional Growth and Reflective Practice: Teacher candidates update their content and

      pedagogical knowledge on an on-going basis and monitor and adapt their instruction.

3a. Committed and Caring: Teacher candidates are committed to the equitable achievement of all



Ms. Wright explained that, “Our six claims were supported with 27 data sets, generated from 12 measures. The measures were direct and indirect, as well as formative and summative, and were inclusive of: grades at key points in the program, NYS certification exam scores, student teaching evaluation forms, graduate level comprehensive exam scores, external surveys, internal surveys, and focus group comments.”


About TEAC


The Teacher Education Accreditation Council is dedicated to helping educator preparation programs improve and be accountable for their quality. Membership represents a broad range of higher education institutions, from small liberal arts colleges to large research universities.         



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