Daemen Partnering with Buffalo Public Schools and the Catholic Diocese to Improve Student Achievement in Math and Science

Daemen Awarded $229,612 for Teacher/Leader Quality Partnership

November 7, 2011



Contacts:       Mike Andrei

                   Director-College Relations




                   Danielle Woodman Kehoe, MS, GPC, CRA

                   Executive Director

                   Office of Academic Grants &  

                   Sponsored Program Services




Daemen College has been awarded $229,612 from the New York State Education Department for the Teacher/Leader Quality Partnership. Through this project, The Education and the Natural Sciences departments at Daemen are partnering with the Buffalo Public Schools and the Catholic Diocese to improve student achievement in math and science.  Daemen College has consistently been awarded annual funding for this competitive program for a total of over $2 million since 1999.


The New York State's Teacher/Leader Quality Partnerships program aims at improving the academic success of New York's students by improving the quality of their teachers. The program awards grants to partnerships consisting of an institution of higher education and its teacher education division, a college (or division) of arts and sciences, and at least one high-need school district. Drawing on their respective experiences, skills, and knowledge, the partners work together to design and implement professional development programs that will help both pre-service and in-service teachers and school administrators meet the needs of their students. 


The purpose of the Daemen College Teacher/Leadership Quality Partnership (T/LQP) project is to assist Buffalo educators develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to increase student achievement in Buffalo schools. Through standards that focus on systematic assessment and performance-based learning, the Daemen College T/LQP project facilitates the continuous improvement of both pre- and in-service educators.  Specifically, Daemen's project establishes and maintains support systems –including a learning community consisting of Daemen College faculty, pre-service teachers, in-service Buffalo educators, and administrators.


Since it was first funded in 1999, the Daemen College has been working in partnership with the Buffalo Public Schools to improve student math and science achievement. Throughout the academic year, the Partnership provides a range of professional development opportunities for teachers and principals. Each summer, the College hosts a learning community, a three-week program aligned with the Buffalo Public Schools professional development plan. The summer program provides participants the opportunity to research, design and create learning experiences for peer review. Peer-reviewed learning experiences are posted on Daemen's T/LQP website.


"It is an honor and a privilege to work with the dedicated and skilled teachers serving students in high need needs schools," said Jeff Arnold, T/LQP Project Director.  "The learning community that we have formed benefits elementary students and teachers in Buffalo as well as the teacher education students and faculty at Daemen College."


            For more information, visit Daemen's T/LQP website.




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