Daemen Student Veterans Alliance Responds to Bunkers in Baghdad

Daemen Student Veterans Alliance Responds to Bunkers in Baghdad


April 5, 2012 




Contact: Mike Andrei

             Director-College Relations

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Alliance: Frank Grillo

             US Army Combat Veteran



           Led by founder Frank Grillo, a U.S. Army combat veteran, the Daemen Student Veterans’ Alliance (SVA) responded to a request by “Bunkers in Baghdad” for assistance, in the form of golf clubs and other golf equipment, from the Veterans Community. In a robust response, Daemen Student Veterans’ Alliance members got together to build and donate more than 120 golf clubs over the course of a two month period.


           “Bunkers in Baghdad” is a not-for-profit charity that collects and sends new and used golf balls, clubs, and equipment to our troops currently serving in combat zones in Iraq, Afghanistan, and 17 other countries around the world. “Bunkers” also supplies golf equipment to Wounded Warriors Programs to aid in the rehabilitation of our injured veterans.


           The project began when “Bunkers in Baghdad” Chairman Joe Hanna sent out a request to the Veterans Community for assistance. Daemen student veterans responded and built over 120 golf clubs over a two month period at the homes of various Daemen Student Vet members.


           “It is important for us as Student Veterans to stay connected with the active duty forces,” stated Daemen Student Veterans Alliance founder Frank Grillo. “Many of us just left the combat zones and are looking to help support our fellow soldiers in any way we can.”


           Added Jeremiah Pedro: “I think it's important for the Vets from current conflicts to maintain support for active duty forces. We learned from the Vietnam guys to never let a Vet go unsupported or unappreciated as they were. Our active duty soldiers need and deserve our strong support.”


            “It started off as a simple idea - collect new and used golf balls, clubs and equipment and send them to our troops currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan,” said “Bunkers in Baghdad President Joe Hanna. “Just a few years later, we've shipped out more than THREE MILLION golf balls and over 60,000 golf clubs. The equipment we send represents a slice of home to members of our armed forces.”


            For more information on “Bunkers in Baghdad” visit their web site: http://bunkersinbaghdad.com/ .


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