Daemen Veterans Center Director Among Those Guiding New VA Health Care Initiative

Daemen Veterans Center Director Dr. Patrick Welch Chairing Advisory Council Guiding New VA Western New York Healthcare Initiative for Veterans


VA Western New York Healthcare System’s New Choice in Primary Care: A PACT with Veterans & their Families


March 8, 2011



Contact:  Patrick W. Welch, PhD

                 Sgt USMC (Ret) / VAVE

                 Director-The Center for Veterans &   

                 Veteran Family Services 

                 Daemen College


                 Mobile: 716.544.4318




                 Evangeline Conley, Public Affairs Officer

                 VA Western New York

                 Phone:(716) 862-8753 Cell: (716) 512-9338

                 E-mail: Evangeline.Conley@va.gov


           To meet the ever changing medical needs of America’s Veterans, VA Western New York Healthcare System is taking new initiatives toward putting patients first through the introduction of the Patient Aligned Care Team (PACT).  


           PACT puts America’s Heroes at the center of a specific health care team, allowing them to work closely with RN care managers, clinical associates and other professionals at VA medical centers in order to manage and coordinate their continuing wellness. Patients can even add team members to meet their specific needs.  These members may include, but are not limited to, social workers, clinical pharmacists and health behavior specialists.  


           Patients interact with their health care team with ease through regular scheduled appointments, telephone contacts and secure email messaging. Using resources like VA Wellness Guides and My Health Vet website http://www.myhealth.va.gov/  puts the patient in even greater control of their health care decisions by giving them around the clock access to their medical information.


          The Patient Aligned Care Team (PACT) is guided through the aid of the VA Western New York Health Care System Veterans’ PACT Advisory Council.  The group chaired by Dr. Patrick Welch, Director, Center for Veteran and Veteran Family Services Office at Daemen College, is made up of Veterans, their family members, Veterans Service Organization Leaders and Veteran advocates. The council receives feedback that is essential in enhancing PACT services and making quality health care readily available to all Veterans. To provide feedback about PACT, contact Dr. Terri Julian at 862-8585.


           For more information about VA’s continuing PACT with America’s Heroes, call the Veteran’s Service Contact Center, 1-888-823-9656, or visit www.buffalo.va.gov.

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