Dr. Laura E. Edsberg Receives Singular National Honor

Daemen Natural and Health Sciences Research Center Director Dr. Laura E. Edsberg Honored by National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel


Recognized for Leadership in Research and Education in Field of Chronic Wounds


February 5, 2013



Contact: Mike Andrei

                Director-College Relations




            Dr. Laura E. Edsberg, director of the Daemen Natural and Health Sciences Research Center, and Center for Wound Healing Research, has been named the recipient of the Kosiak Award by the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP). The Kosiak Award is designed to honor individuals who have made significant contributions to the prevention and/or management of pressure ulcers through their leadership in research, education, and/or patient care. The award is named in honor of Dr. Michael Kosiak for his classic, original contributions on the etiology of pressure ulcers.  


            Edsberg, an associate professor and mechanical engineer, holds an M.S. and a Ph.D. from University at Buffalo. She also holds a B.S. from Cornell University. She will receive the award at the NPUAP’s Biennial Conference in Houston, February 22 and 23, 2013.


            The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP) is an independent not-for-profit professional organization dedicated to the prevention and management of pressure ulcers.  Formed in 1987, the NPUAP Board of Directors is composed of leading experts from different health care disciplines – all of whom share a commitment to the prevention and management of pressure ulcers. The NPUAP serves as a resource to health care professionals, government, the public, and health care agencies. The organization welcomes and encourages the participation of those interested in pressure ulcer issues.


            “This is a very well-deserved honor for Dr. Edsberg,” said Daemen Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Michael S. Brogan DPT, Ph.D. “The toll exacted by chronic wounds is enormous – in both human and economic terms. Some 2.8 million Americans are affected by these wounds, many suffering severe pain, impaired mobility, gangrene, amputation, and loss of income due to disability. In the U.S. alone, an estimated $2 billion is spent annually on advanced wound care.


            “Dr. Edsberg is deeply committed to solving the puzzle presented by chronic wounds. Conducting groundbreaking research in Daemen’s Center for Wound Healing Research, she is leading our efforts to shed new light on discovering and accelerating the healing process. Daemen is very proud of Dr. Edsberg and what she is accomplishing in this field.”


            Edsberg points to pressure sores, a type of chronic wound common among people who are bedridden.


“If we apply pressure to tissue, certain changes occur, but they don’t occur in everybody,” she notes. “Why are some people different from others?” That question drives her interest in a field that is largely unexplored territory.  Although chronic wounds are mentioned in many ancient texts, including the Bible, “there was very little research in this field until 50 years ago,” she points out. 


            Additional research into chronic wounds will also be conducted through the Daemen College Physical Therapy Wound Center (DCPTWC). Located in Cheektowaga at the Center for Skin Integrity, the DCPTWC is a collaboration of independent health care providers which includes the Buffalo Medical Group, P.C.; The McGuire Group; The Center for Plastic Surgery; and Dr. Paul Nasca (Podiatry).  


The DCPTWC serves individuals in Western New York who are suffering from chronic wounds. As part of this project, the College also plans to establish a Wound Care Academy to increase the skills and expertise of practitioners in Western New York. Through a collaborative model, the project’s partners plan to provide advanced clinical education through the establishment of the Academy, providing clinical education for up to 120 physical therapy students in the region per year.      


More About the NPUAP


            Leading physicians, researchers, nurses and health professionals comprising the NPUAP set the standards of care for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers for the U.S. The NPUAP was founded in 1987, when Dr. Thomas Stewart, president of Gaymar Industries, and current member of the Daemen Board of Trustees, identified the need for a board in the United States to provide valid information and guidelines to treat pressure ulcers. Stewart subsequently brought together 15 of the nation's leading clinical and research experts to Gaymar's corporate headquarters in Orchard Park, NY, to share his vision, and craft the mission and bylaws of the new organization.


            Assisted by multiple corporations and organizations, the NPUAP has become an internationally recognized entity. Additional information can be found at http://www.npuap.org/.


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