Historic Presidential Election Debate of 1912 Revisited at Daemen October 23

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October 16, 2012



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Many of the issues at the heart of the 2012 presidential election could be lifted from the headlines of 1912, when a four-way race for the presidency engaged Americans in a national debate over the scope of federal power and the role of the national government. To explore these issues further, the Daemen College/Rosary Hill Alumni Association Duns Scotus Lecture Series will present “The Great Debate Revisited: Remembering the 1912 Presidential Election and its Relevance in 2012.”


This event will be held Tuesday, October 23, 2012, 7:30–9:00 p.m., on the Daemen College campus, in the Sister Jeanne File Room, located in the lower level of the new Haberman Gacioch Center for Visual & Performing Arts. This event is free and open to the public.  To RSVP, call (716) 839-8212, or e-mail alumni@daemen.edu.

The lecture is also sponsored by the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site and the History and Government Department of Daemen College.  


In 1912, as in 2012, candidates debated the proper relationship between government and industry, the scope of federal power, and how to ensure opportunity, protect liberty and increase democracy in an era of industrial growth. Such topics as national health insurance, government regulation, the power of big business, women's rights, the progressive reform movement, and the balance between state and federal power were also central to the 1912 election.


Historical significance of the issues surrounding the 1912 debate will be explored by a four member panel, consisting of Lenora Henson, M.A., curator of the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historical Site; Penny Messinger, Ph.D., associate professor of history, Daemen College; Phillip G. Payne, Ph.D., professor of history, St. Bonaventure University; William Siener, Ph.D., past executive director of the Buffalo & Erie County Historical Association.


The evening’s moderator will be Lisa Parshall, Ph.D., Daemen College associate professor of political science.


John Duns Scotus (c. 1266–1308), a Franciscan priest, was a theologian, philosopher, and logician. During his tenure at Oxford, the systematic examination of what differentiates theology from philosophy and science began in earnest.


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