Top Ten Luncheon Honors Highest Freshmen Academic Achievement

Top Ten Luncheon Honors Highest Freshmen Academic Achievement


November 1, 2012


Each year the 10 students with the highest grade point average in their freshman year at Daemen are invited to a luncheon to celebrate their excellent academic records. The 2012 luncheon took place October 25 in Alumni Lounge.


Each student invites a faculty member whom the student found to be inspirational in their success. Daemen President Dr. Edwin Clausen and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Michael Brogan were among top Academic Affairs leadership attending this year’s luncheon on to add their congratulations and to acknowledge that part of the Mission Statement that says, "At the heart of Daemen's integrated learning experience is the relationship that can develop between the college's faculty and its students."


This year's Top Ten Freshmen had a minimum grade point average of 3.87. The students came from 5 different academic majors and represented approximately the top 2.5 percent of their class.  


They are: Stephanie Parwulski, child ed/special ed, 4.0; Jessica Rosenburg, psychology, 4.0; Lauren Stuitje, natural science/physical therapy, 3.98; Zachery Eustance, natural science/physical therapy, 3.98; Ryan D'Arcy, physician assistant, 3.96; Matthew Daddario, accounting, 3.94; Lauren Meisel, physician assistant, 3.94; Hannah Fraser, physician assistant, 3.93; Tyler Phillips, natural science/physical therapy, 3.93; Melisa DeGroot, biology, 3.92.                  


The 10 faculty members who were also honored came from five different departments.

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