Congresswoman Kathy Hochul Visits Daemen College August 22, 2011

August 23, 2011



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Congresswoman Kathy HochulDuring Congress' August break, Congresswoman Kathy Hochul, Representative from New York’s 26th District, visited Daemen College. Representative Hochul met with Daemen President Dr. Edwin Clausen, and members of the Daemen Administrative Cabinet. She also spoke to Daemen faculty, administrators, and staff in the Daemen College Research & Information Commons. 


In her remarks, Congresswoman Hochul stressed the need for members of Congress to set aside the the partisanship that has marked the recent efforts to raise the debt ceiling, and other legislation as well. She told the Daemen group that jobs are her top priority and should be the focus of Congress' efforts when members return to Washington in September.   


 "I believe that we can work toward repairing our nation's infrastructure," Representative Hochul stated, "So many of our roads and bridges are in deep need of repair. I think we can begin to address these critical needs by redirecting many of the funds that we are sending overseas, such as the billions sent to Pakistan and Afghanistan. I believe the $7 billion we are sending to build and fix infrastructure in those countries can be better spent doing the same thing in this country. And doing that will create a lot of jobs in the process."


Congresswoman Hochul also said New York's outstanding colleges and universities are a big part of how New York can strengthen the State economy.


"I am thrilled to have so many excellent colleges and universities in my district. One of the things I am doing this August is getting better acquainted with each and every one of these higher education institutions -- public and private. One of my priorities is to be as helpful and supportive to higher education in Western New York as I can. We need more of our young people to have the opportunity to obtain an education, such as through Pell Grants. I believe that this will encourage more graduates to build their careers and start their families right here in Western New York. I am looking forward to working together with you on this important goal."


All photos by Dave Riffel

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