Academic Advisement

The Academic Advisement office provides assistance to all Daemen students regarding academic planning, college success skills, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are advisors assigned?

Undeclared students are primarily advised by the Academic Advisement office.  Once students declare a major, primary advising is done by a faculty member in the major department.  However, all students are welcome to visit Academic Advisement any time with questions or concerns.  If we cannot answer your question, we will help you find the person who can!

How do I find my advisor?

Your faculty advisor is listed under My Profile in WebAdvisor.  Faculty contact information can be found in the Directory.  You can also visit Academic Advisement for general advisement questions.


How do I change/declare my major?

Pick up a Change of Major form from Academic Advisement or download a printable version.  The form will need to be signed by the chairperson of your current major and the chairperson of your new major.


Have questions?  Stop by Academic Advisement!


What is a minor and how do I declare one?

A Minor is a sequence of courses that can supplement or broaden the knowledge you will gain from courses in your major.  You are not required to have a minor.  Minors can be related to your major (such as a Business major with an Accounting minor), or be completely unrelated (such as an Art major with a Spanish minor).  A minor is a good way to be exposed to another subject area without committing to a full major.


To declare a minor, pick up the form in the Academic Advisement Office or download a printable version. 


How do I find out which classes are offered this semester?

Go to Search Course Schedules in WebAdvisor.


I am not a Daemen student, but I want to take a class here.

Please contact the Office of Academic Advisement at (716) 839-8228 to discuss the process of non-degree registration.


How do I register?

Click here to view WebAdvisor instructions.


I can’t log in to WebAdvisor. What should I do?

Your UserID is the same as your email user name.  To find your username, go to Computer Accounts on the Academic Computing Services webpage.  Your Password for first time log-in is the last 6 digits of your Social Security number.  You will then be asked to make up your own password.


Still not working?  Send an email explaining the problem to


Why won’t WebAdvisor let me register for my classes?

WebAdvisor usually blocks registration for the following reasons:


a)  The course has not been approved by your advisor

b)  You have not fulfilled the prerequisites for the course

c)  The course is not being offered in the current semester

d)  The course is full   


Check all of these potential blocks.  Still have questions?  Stop by Academic Advisement!


How many credits do I need to be a full-time student?

You must have at least 12 clock hours each semester to be considered full-time.  Non-credit courses, like MTH 97 and CMP 97, count toward this clock hour requirement.


I need to take a leave of absence/withdraw from the college. What should I do?

Stop by Academic Advisement in the Student Success Center in RIC for the Leave of Absence/Withdrawal paperwork, or print the form here.  You will need a signature from your faculty advisor.


How do I drop a class?

During the Drop/Add week, you may drop classes on WebAdvisor by going to Register and Drop Sections.  After this period, you may withdraw from classes until the last day for authorized withdrawal.  The Withdraw from a Course form is available online or in the Academic Support Services office.  The form will need to be signed by your advisor.

Check the academic calendar each semester for these important dates.


What happens when I withdraw from a class?

You will not receive credit for the course and there will be a W next to that course on your transcript instead of a grade.  This does not impact your GPA. 


How do I find an Academic Coach?

Visit the Find a Coach webpage, or stop by the Learning Center in the Student Success Center in the RIC.


What GPA do I need to be on the Dean’s List?



What benefit do I receive for making the Dean’s List?

Students who make the Dean’s List in a Fall or Spring semester have the option of taking up to 21 credits at no extra charge in the following Fall or Spring semester OR receiving 50% off tuition for one course taken in the following Intersession or Summer semester.


What happens if my GPA falls below a 2.0?

When your semester or cumulative GPA falls below a 2.0, you may be put on Academic Probation.  If this happens, you will be contacted by the Committee on Academic Standards regarding the stipulations of your probation.  Continued poor academic performance may lead to suspension or dismissal from the college.

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