Funded Initiatives

Daemen College faculty, staff, and administrators have procured a range of funding to support academic and institutional initiatives. 

The links to the left highlight initiatives at the College that are made possible through the support of federal, state, and private funding.

Grant-Related News

12.22.14 | Teen Refugees Visit Daemen Campus

12.22.14 | WNY Trainers to Learn About Inclusive Fitness in Daemen Program

11.17.14 | Daemen Opening State of the Art Visual Effects Facility

10.15.2014 | Daemen, Empire Visual Effects Partnership Adding to WNY’s Skilled Workforce

8.12.2014 | $50,000 Grant to Establish Fitness Program for Individuals with Disabilities, Educate Trainers 

7.28.2014 | Daemen Vice President Selected for Fulbright Specialist Program

7.18.2014 | Daemen Receives $680,000 Grant to Provide Advanced Education for Primary Care Nurses

3.9.2014 | Grant to Benefit Daemen Refugee Teen Program 

2.24.2014 | Arts and the Community to be Explored in Daemen Culture Events 

11.14.2013 | Daemen Receives $200,000 Teacher/Leader Quality Partnership Grant from New York State Department of Education

11.13.2013 | The Thomas Reynolds Center for Special Education and After-School Programs Awarded Grant of $49,802 from The Peter & Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation  

9.3.2013 | Daemen Awarded Over $400,000 for Former YMCA Building

9.3.2013 | Timothy E. Quill M.D. will speak at Daemen

8.15.2013 | Daemen College Awarded New York College Access Challenge Grant

7.11.2013 | Governor Cuomo Announces Empire Visual Effects

7.9.2013 | Daemen Awarded $280,000 from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

6.26.2013 | Workshop on Improving Support for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities offered at Daemen July 23

6.24.2013 | Daemen, Reynolds Center, Collaborate for Sixth Summer Reading Camp

6.14.2013 | Daemen College to Host Visiting Fulbright Scholar

6.7.2013 | Daemen World Refugee Day Celebration will Present Life Stories from Local Refugees

5.31.2013 | Fred Pordum Selected for Health Leadership Fellows Program

5.30.2013 | Daemen College Receives $203,000 Grant Match from The John R. Oishei Foundation 

5.25.2013 | Daemen Will Mark Wound Care Clinic Success with Grand Opening June 12 

4.12.2013 | Daemen College Receives $50,000 Grant from William Randolph Hearst Foundations

3.1.2013 | Daemen College Awarded $1500 from New York Council for the Humanities

11.26.2012 | Partners in Health Education Advanced Certificate Program Deadline is December 10

10.12.2012 | Daemen Awarded Bringing Theory to Practice Seminar Grant

10.1.2012 | Daemen Awarded over $500,000 from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

10.1.2012 | James H. Cummings Foundation Awards $17,000 to Daemen College

9.13.2012 | NYS Developmental Disabilities Planning Council Awards Daemen $100,500

7.26.2012 | Health Foundation of Western and Central New York Awards Daemen Nursing Department $10,000

6.29.2012 | Reynolds Center, CSCCE, and Visual & Performing Arts Collaborate on Summer Camp 

6.1.2012 | Daemen Teen Refugee Program Receives Support from American Association of University Women 

5.16.2012 | Providence Fund to Award Support Funds to Daemen Fruit Belt Partnership

2.27.2012 | Daemen College Receives $530,000 Grant from The John R. Oishei Foundation

2.22.2012 | Daemen Research and Information Commons Awarded $10,199

2.22.2012 | Daemen College Art Lecture Offers Talk on Bauhaus March 8 

1.20.2012 | Daemen College Will Offer Talk on Creativity and Commerce February 8 in Rosary Hall

1.9.2012 | Daemen Awarded $9800 from American Physical Therapy Association 

12.19.2011 | Daemen Refugee Teen Empowerment Program Again Selected for Funding by Erie County

11.7.2011 | Daemen Partnering with Buffalo Public Schools and the Catholic Diocese to Improve Student Achievement in Math and Science 

11.7.2011 | Daemen to Participate in Council of Independent Colleges Project Funded by Lumina Foundation  

10.27.2011 | Daemen College Will Offer Talk on Art and Gender in Renaissance Italy November 17

10.19.2011 | Daemen one of 34 colleges and universities receiving funding awards from U.S. Education Department Strengthening Institutions Program Strengthening Institutions Program funds grants for a total of five years… 

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Sarah has gained excellent real-world experience by completing internships at the American Bar Association in Washington D.C. and the Attorney General's Office in Buffalo. She was recently accepted into law school in New York!

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