Internship Program

The Daemen College Cooperative Education (Co-op) Program offers students a unique opportunity to combine classroom study with practical work experience while earning academic credit.

Daemen College, committed to experiential education, has operated a Co-op program since 1973. Today, from an active pool of numerous and varied employers, more than 100 Daemen students can be found in Cooperative Education opportunities during a given school year.

Co-op Field Experience gives students contact with the professional work world that lies beyond the classroom walls. Students see firsthand the real nature of work in their field of study and gain valuable insights which can then be shared in the classroom.

Daemen's Co-op Program is designed to help students identify and develop strengths, interests and skills as well as provide necessary networking opportunities to help our students succeed.

The CO-OP Advantage:

  • Gain relevant work experience and an education at the same time.
  • Establish practical, realistic career goals.
  • Identify, develop, and test marketable skills.
  • Add professional work experience to your resume.
  • Meet and work with professionals in your career field.
  • Be ready and available for any permanent job opening that may become available. 

CO-OP for Academic Credit:

Each semester, including summer, students may register for 1 - 12 academic credits through the Co-op program.  Students may take a maximum of 12 hours of co-op credit during their undergraduate experience.

Every credit hour requires fifty (50) work hours on the job. For example, a 3-credit hour Co-op Field Experience equals 150 work hours or approximately 10 hours per week during a typical, 15-week semester.   

A final letter grade is awarded upon completion of the Co-op Field Experience and related academic assignments. 

The Application Process:

1. Complete the Co-op Preparation Seminar  CFE 97.  This is a non-credit, Pass/Fail course, offered 6 times per year, which is completed within 2 weeks.   Successful completion of CFE 97 is the first step to prepare you for the Co-op Field Experience and can be taken as early as your first year at Daemen College.

2. Complete the freshman year of study. Transfer students must complete one semester at Daemen College.

3. Maintain good academic standing (2.0 cumulative average or above, 2.5 Division of Business).

4. Schedule an appointment with one of the professional staff members in the Co-op and Career Development Center to review the Co-op Employer database and discuss possible internship opportunities. Determine how many credits you want to register for and start the registration process.

5. Interview with potential internship employers.  Follow up on your interviews.

6. Accept an internship offer, arrange work hours, inform your Co-op Advisor, attend a Co-op Orientation session to receive your co-op assignments and begin your internship!

Student Participation:

All students approved for a Co-op may begin their first Co-op experience as early as the summer following their freshman year of college study.

The Co-op Field Experience is a partnership where students, Co-op Staff, faculty and employers work together to identify appropriate internship opportunities and afford the best experience possible for all involved.


Visit The Department and meet with the professional staff to discuss your Co-op opportunity.

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Student Profiles

David - International Business

International Business

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David was an international student from Caracas, Venezuela. He majored in International Business and had an internship at Liberty Pumps, which actually turned into a job.  David has applied his knowledge and skills at national and international trips with the company.  “The internship is the main reason I got the job,” David states. “I had an opportunity to get to know the company and become familiar with what they do. I am very glad I was afforded the chance to join this company through the internship.”