IDEA Student Survey

The Faculty Senate voted and approved the use of the IDEA Center's online course evaluations for all "web-based" courses for this semester, Spring 2012.

If you are an instructor teaching a web based or online course, you will find the survey URL in the Tools section of your blackboard course.

All students in your "web-based" courses will be able to access the course evaluation via the Tools link within Blackboard. You will be able to monitor the response rate and how many students have completed the evaluations by contacting IDEA Survey Support

Please note: The IDEA Center does not allow a mix of paper and online evaluations within one course. Therefore, all of the students in your "web-based" courses will need to complete their evaluations online.

To find online tutorials please click the appropriate link:

In addition to these self-service support options, please feel free to contact Daemen College's IDEA Survey Support team with your question, issue, or request. We are happy to assist you.

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