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General Information

Q: Where are the computing faculties on campus?

A: Academic Computing Services maintains public-access computer labs on the first floor of the Research and Information Commons and on the second floor of the business and commerce building. Several academic departments, including graphic design, natural sciences, nursing, physician assistant and physical therapy, maintain computer laboratories and stand-alone computer systems with specialized software and peripherals. For hours of operations please visit our STUDENT COMPUTER FACILITIES site.

Q: What is file server space and how do I use it?

A: File server space is a personal folder provided by Academic Computing Services to use on or off campus for storing work. This provides “ease of access” for saved files and information (USING FILE SERVER SPACE). Every public-access computer on campus is already preconfigured to access this space through a shortcut on the desktop. For more information on file server space please visit our FILE SERVER ACCESS page.

Q: What computer accounts are available for Daemen students?

A: Computer accounts are automatically created for all Daemen students. These accounts will give students access to all Daemen services including an email address, file server space, and a web publishing directory. Daemen's student e-mail is provided through Google and accessed through a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. Your student’s email address will most likely be in the format firstName.lastName followed by For a detailed list of provided accounts and how to access them please see our ACCOUNTS DIRECTORY page.

Student & Parent Information

Q: What kind of a computer should a student bring to Daemen College?

A: Any recently purchased computer will be adequate for the academic needs of Daemen students. For older computers, a minimum configuration for academic purposes only would be Windows 7 or newer, and a minimum of 2 Gb of memory, or a Macintosh computer running OS 10.6 or higher. Most students use laptop computers with the Windows 8 or Windows 7 operating system. Students majoring in graphic design may prefer to use a computer with the Macintosh operating system." For a more details on computer recommendations please go to our COMPUTER RECOMMENDATIONS page

Q: Are any student discounts available on computers?

A: Daemen student pricing for Dell and Apple Macintosh computers can be accessed from the Academic Computing website. Click on STUDENT PRICING

Q. Are there any prohibitions?

A: Students may not bring wireless routers to campus. Gaming network, file sharing, or other servers are also prohibited.

Q: Is any software provided to students at Daemen?

A: All Daemen College undergraduate students are eligible to purchase Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) at a discounted rate. Microsoft Office is available through our partner JourneyEd.  Resident students will receive the anti-virus software, Symantec Endpoint Protection, as part of a required network registration. (see RESIDENT SOFTWARE ESSENTIALS) Students may contact their individual department for specific software recommendations.

Q: Can I configure my Smartphone to access student email?

A: YES! Student email is provided through Gmail which provides its own instructions for Smartphone configurations. On our SMARTPHONE EMAIL CONFIGURATION site we have highlighted instructions to some of the more popular phones.

Q: Should I update my computer?

A: YES! For residents to connect to our network this is required, it is recommended that you update at home before moving onto campus.

For Windows Vista and 7 computers, use Internet Explorer and go to the Windows Update page and follow the online directions. In most cases you will be prompted to restart your computer upon completion.

For Mac OS computers open your "System Preferences" (OS 10.x). Open "Software Update" and click the "Update Now" button. If there are any updates available follow the directions to install them.

Basic Computer Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Q: How can I protect my computer from viruses?

A: It is required that all students with Windows computers living in the resident's halls install anti-virus protection software on their computers. Daemen College has a Campus wide Licensing agreement with Symantec EndPoint. You can download and install here: Symantec EndPoint If you are a commuting student, the college suggests purchasing antivirus software such as Norton AntiVirus or using a free version such as Panda Cloud Antivirus or AVG.

Q: Are there tools for removing unwanted programs from my computer?

A: Many unwanted programs can be removed by using the "Add/Remove Programs" utility from your computer's Control Panel. See Keeping your Computer Clean

Q: I cannot read or am having trouble reading PDF's

A: You may need to (re)install Adobe's free PDF Reader. Go to and download Adobe Reader.

Q: What should I do if my computer is having hardware problems? (computer will not turn on, printer will not work, CD or floppy drive problems, etc..)

A: Daemen College provides a student driven technology consulting department trained to handle many of your hardware and software needs. See the S.M.A.R.T. squad.

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