Spam is unsolicited mass-mailed email, usually containing an advertisement. Spammers send their messages to large numbers of addressees, often obtaining those addresses without the permission of the address owner. Spam tyically contains offensive and unwanted material, or even viruses and other malware.

All of Daemen College’s spam filtering is handled by Google.  Daemen Gmail will deliver ALL messages that are sent to your address.  Messages are never blocked or deleted by Google.  However, some messages are diverted to Spam while others are delivered to the Inbox.



If you would like to ensure that messages from certain senders are never falsely identified as spam:


1.       Log in to your Daemen Gmail account

2.       Click on the Settings link in the upper right

3.       Click on the Filters tab

4.       Click Create a new filter

5.       Type the email address of the sender in the From: text field

6.       Click the Next Step>> button

7.       Click the checkbox next to “Never send it to Spam”

8.       Click the Create Filter button


If a spam message is delivered to your Inbox:


1. Click the checkbox next to the message.

2. Click the Report spam button.




Spam filtering is not 100% effective. By choosing to activate Spam filtering on an email account and selecting the option to reject (delete) suspected spam, the user must acknowledge that valid email message could possibly be deleted by the system. In addition, no matter what level of filtering is selected by the user, some spam may be received nonetheless

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