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Space on campus can really feel tight. Everyone seems to want the same space at the same time.   Reserving space or planning a meeting/ event on campus is not a mysterious process. It requires you to think ahead and, most importantly, to communicate with each of the offices below. You will find that many people on campus are willing to help make your program successful!

Got space?

Reserving space on campus

Once you have chosen a tentative date(s) for your meeting or event, contact staff in one of the offices listed below to make sure room(s) is/are available. Ideally this should be done at least a month in advance. You may place a room on HOLD for a short time during the planning process.

Posting Events Descriptions on MyDaemen Events Page

At the time of the reservation, please discuss how you might want your event posted. Some events listed on MyDaemen can be linked to social media. The following information is actually added to an event reservation.

  • Do you want it viewed on MyDaemen…by internal campus only or viewed by general public?
  • Provide brief (100) description and sure to add a web link if available.
  • If you choose, provide longer description for a secondary webpage.


Staff in the above offices will send you an electronic confirmation of your reservation. Check it to ensure accuracy. There will be a reminder about how you want your event posted on-line.


Once you have reserved your room, take the next steps. Consider event requirements such as food service, room set-up, audio-visual needs and security. Only after receiving confirmation of your room reservation should you contact these other offices: 

Maintenance (x8222)

Contact Maintenance to discuss meeting room set-up and equipment needs. They can provide chairs, tables (6’ and banquet rounds), podiums, flip charts and pads, etc., and provide advice on all your arrangements including additional rentals. Follow up by sending an email to or completing a Maintenance Requisition, available in the mail room. Include the specifics of date, time of event, room arrangements and number of people anticipated. Often, a room diagram on paper/electronically will help. Some situations may be subject to charges, particularly for after-hours buildings use on weekends or breaks.

Campus Dining Services (x8328)

All food service on campus, by contract, must be provided by Daemen Dining. Contact them as soon as you have received your copy of the Reservation Confirmation. Dining Service staff can assist with menus and costs for breaks, receptions, and meals. Provide an estimated attendance count. There is a nominal delivery fee for all events catered outside of Wick Center.

Alcohol service can also be provided for your event. Alcohol services provided in buildings other than Wick Center require a separate liquor license, at an additional charge. Requests for the license must be made 4 weeks in advance. As host you must follow college guidelines regarding non-service to minors.

Send a purchase requisition for approval to the Business Office, made out to Daemen Dining, with specifics of your food service request. One week before the event, you will be asked for a guaranteed food count. Your department will be billed based on the guarantee or the actual count, whichever is higher.

Classroom Technology Support  (x8240) /

Contact CTS to discuss your equipment needs. Almost all classrooms, meeting spaces and Wick Center are hard wired and/or wireless for internet connection. Almost all classrooms are now smart classrooms with built-in audio-visual equipment.  With the exception of Alumni Lounge, rooms in Wick Campus Center do not have built-in equipment. Several rooms on campus have phone lines for private calls or teleconferencing; please contact us for the extension number.

Security (x8246)

Contact Security regarding parking issues, sufficient security for your event, fire safety and guest parking.

Conferences & Events (x8253)

We are here to help guide you through the process of planning your meeting. Check out our webpage for more information. Please contact us anytime you need maps, directions, registration options, room diagrams, budget templates, signs & nametags or other advice on how to put together your successful event! Ask us about other campus event-related services such as publications design, printing, college relations, web services, guest internet access etc.

Here are a few pointers:

  • Communicate your needs in writing (paper or email). With many programs on campus there are many service requests.  A diagram is always helpful!
  • The “2/2/2 Rule” really works! Communicate with support offices two months ahead of the event, two weeks and then two days prior. It helps to talk about program changes.


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