Course Description

Daemen College Health Care Studies Program


CAT-347-01   Experiential Seminar inTraditional Chinese Medicine

3 credit hours


Instructors: BUCM Faculty/Justine Tutuska (Health Care Studies)              

Course Day: TBD 

Course Location: Beijing University of Chinese Medicine                                                                                                

Course Description:

This course provides an overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and introduces the basic concepts and theories, including the philosophy and theories fundamental to TCM, principles of Yin and Yang, five elements and internal organ systems, herbs and nutrition. Through clinic experience, the usage and demonstration of acupuncture therapy will be covered, including meridian theory, acupuncture points, as well as diagnostic methods and techniques such as cupping, and moxibustion. Students will actively engage in additional TCM practices such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Tuina.


Prerequisites: None


Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course of study the student will be able to:

  1. Define terms and vocabulary of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  2. Describe foundational principles such as Qi, Yin / Yang and Five Elements and their relationship to TCM diagnosis and treatment
  3. Explain internal organ systems in the context of TCM
  4. Identify the major meridians and the associated common acupuncture points
  5. Describe advanced techniques related to abdominal and cranial acupuncture
  6. Describe basic diagnostic principles and practices and associate meaning to self observations
  7. Demonstrate important TCM practices, e.g., participating in Tai Chi exercises, the application of self-massage (tui na).
  8. Explain the role of functional foods and herbs in TCM.
  9. Describe the clinical role of TCM, including clinical setting, patient check-in, medical history taking, diagnosis, treatment, and general patient care
  10. Recognize the role of Chinese culture in the practice of TCM.
  11. Identify personal growth in mind, body and spirit.
  12. Students may demonstrate readiness for possible futures as practitioners of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.



Required Text- students should read these texts PRIOR to experience at BUCM 


Alex Holland, M.Ac.,L.AcVoices of Qi (An Introductory Guide to Traditional Chinese Medicine)Seattle: Northwest Institute of Acupuncture & Orental Medicine,1997 


Supplemental text:

Henry C. Lu, Ph. D. Traditional Chinese Medicine: How to maintain your health and treat illness. Key Porter Books Limited,Toronto, Canada 2005 


Additional readings will be assigned to be read PRIOR to the trip, regarding TCM, culture, and history. 

Topic Outline:


1.     Introduction of Traditional Chinese Medicine


2.     History and philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine


3.     Basic Theory

1)    Yin and Yang

2)    The Five Elements

3)    Organ Systems


4.     Meridian and Acupuncture

1)    The theory of Meridians and acupuncture points

2)    Functions of acupuncture points

3)    Treatment of diseases using acupuncture points

4)    Advanced techniques: abdominal and cranial acupuncture


5.      Diagnostic Methods

1)    Looking

2)    Listening

3)    Asking

4)    Touching


6.    Syndromes and Physical Constitution

1)    General syndromes

2)    Basic types of physical constitution


7.    Food and Herbal Cures

1)    Food Cures

2)    Herbal Cures


8.     Additional TCM Techniques

1)    Qi Gong exercise

2)    Tai Chi exercise

3)    Self-massage Techniques (Tui Na)

4)    Moxibustion

5)    Cupping


9.     Clinical Experience


Evaluation of Student Learning/Assignments:


Individual Papers: 60%  

Students will complete two papers:

1)    Evidence based paper - Students will evaluate the current literature on a health related issue or practice related to TCM.  At least 3 scholarly based resources are required.    Paper should be 4-5 pages (30%).  Paper should be completed PRIOR to BUCM experience, so that it can be shared in the classroom.  Student will submit original paper before departure, to Daemen College faculty, but may then revise based on their BUCM learning experience, with final submission upon return (evaluation by Daemen College). Additional details will follow.

2)    Reflective paper (due upon return to the US, evaluated by Daemen College).  This paper will summarize the students’ personal thoughts on TCM, their beliefs in its value, the connection to Chinese culture, and will address their personal areas of growth.  Paper should be 3-5 pages (30%). Additional details will follow.



Clinical and Applied Experience: 20%

Students will engage in, and assist as needed in, clinical experiences in a BUCM affiliated clinic or hospital.  In addition, student participation in applied experiences, such as practice of tai chi and qi gong will be incorporated.  Students will be evaluated on their involvement in such experiences and their contribution to related discussions.  Additional details will follow.



History and Culture: 10%

Students will be responsible for reading all pre-assigned reading regarding Chinese history (historical sites and events) as well as Chinese culture.  Each student will be given a select topic to research and write a one page summary (including at least 2 references) PRIOR to departure.   These summaries will be shared with the group to bring understanding to the experiences you will have while in Beijing.



Attendance and Participation: 10% -

Students will participate in all cultural, historical and educational experiences while at BUCM and in all predeparture orientation meetings at Daemen College.  




95- 100   A  
90- 94.9  A-  
86-89.9   B+  
83-85.9   B  
80-82.9   B-
75-79.9   C+ 
70-74.9   C
60-69.9   D
anything below 60 F


Late Assignments:  You are responsible for handing assignments in on the day they are due (dates will be determined…).  You will lose one full letter grade (for that assignment) for each day that it is late.   If you are having difficulties with an assignment, please discuss this with the instructor PRIOR to the time it is due.


Additional Notes:


Classroom Courtesy:  Please be respectful to your peers and instructors by minding the BUCM and Chinese culture.  While you will be a visitor, you will still be a student of that institution.  This will be reviewed more in the orientation. 



Accommodation of Students with Disabilities:  I invite any student who has a documented disability to meet with Daemen College PRIOR to the BUCM experience,  to discuss ways to arrange your accommodations in order to complete the requirements and expectations of this course.


Learning Center: If you are having a difficult time keeping up with your work or understanding textbook/lecture information in any of your classes, please consider visiting the The Learning Center (While at Daemen College).  The Learning Center is a quiet and peaceful environment which provides a variety of resources and tutoring for students at Daemen College. ALL students are welcome and encouraged to take advantage of the Center's free services.

The Learning Center is located on the ground floor of the RIC, along with Academic Support Services.  Please visit their website as well for tips on: note taking, studying, managing stress, test taking and time management.


Academic Honesty

As stated in the Daemen College Catalog and Student Handbook, “academic

dishonesty, of  which cheating and plagiarism are the most common examples, is a serious violation of the principles of higher education. Daemen College takes the position that academic honesty is to be upheld with the highest degree of integrity. The College has a responsibility to support individual thought and the generation of new ideas. This cannot be done when violation of academic honesty goes unchallenged: (see the Daemen College Catalog and Daemen College Student Handbook and Planner).




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