Course Description

Galicia: One Land, Three Nations (3 credit hours in HST; 3 credit hours in Service Learning)


Daemen Instructor: Dr. Andrew Kier Wise 


Office: DS 235

Office hours: By appointment

Office phone: (716) 839-8281


Course Description: This study abroad course will provide students with a unique firsthand approach to studying history. Our readings, lectures, and site visits will have a particular focus on the multicultural legacy evident in three cities of Galicia: Kraków, Przemyśl, and Lviv. This course will focus primarily on cultural developments, but students will also learn about key political, economic, and social developments in Galician history.


Students will also have an opportunity to gain 3 credit hours in Service Learning for preservation work. This year, work will be conducted in a Jewish cemetery in Przemyśl, which was heavily damaged during the German occupation in World War II and is now being restored and mapped.


Instructors and lecture topics in Kraków:

Dr. Tomasz Pudłocki (past President of the Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Nauk w Przemyślu  (TPN) – Society for the Friends of Learning in Przemyśl; faculty member of the History Department at Jagiellonian University) – Galicia on the Eve of World War I.  


Dr. Barbara Klich-Kluczewska (Jagiellonian University) -- Difficult Neighborhood: Poles, Jews, and Ukrainians in Interwar Poland


Dr. Annamaria Orla-Bukowska (Institute of Sociology, Jagiellonian University) -- Being Polish and Jewish in the Polish People's Republic, 1945-1989.


Dr. Wiktoria Kudela-Świątek (Jagiellonian University) -- The nuts and bolts of group interview in oral history practise


Dr. Adam Świątek (Editor, Księgarnia Akademicka Wydawnictwo) -- 1) Cemeteries in the cultural borderlands: The Case of 19th century Galicia; 2) What can graves say about the past? Cemetery studies in practice, 3) Many cultures or multicultural culture? About ethnic relationships in 19th century Galicia.



Instructor in Warszawa:

Dr. Sławomir Józefowicz (University of Warsaw).


Instructors in Przemyśl:

Jacek Blonski (National Museum in Przemyśl) – The History of Przemyśl, 1867-1939.


Przemyśl Cemetery restoration project supervisor: Dr. John Hartman.


Instructor in Lviv: TBA


Required Reading. History Textbook: Jerzy Lukowski and Hubert Zawadzki, A Concise History of Poland (2nd ed.).

Other readings TBA.

Service Learning Reading: Excerpt from John J. Hartman and Jacek Krochmal. Tr. Agnieszka Andrzejewska. I Remember Every Day . . . The Fates of the Jews of Przemyśl during World War II






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