Transfer Info: Courses and Agreements


Applied to Daemen or thinking about Daemen?  

Review the Transfer Policies page to better understand how Daemen evaluates courses for transfer, how credit is applied to programs, the kinds of institutions from which credit is granted, credit by examination, foreign credential evaluations, military credit, and other non-traditional learning environments. 

You can also search our course equivalencies database to see if a course you have taken or plan to take will transfer to Daemen, along with the equivalent Daemen course number.  This database is regularly maintained and updated.

If you are currently attending a community college, you may want to check out our Articulation Agreements site.  Your current college may have an agreement with Daemen for a program-to-program transfer.

Current student needing to take a course elsewhere?

There are two ways a current student can take a course off-campus:

1.  Off-Campus Permission or Standard Transfer

2.  Cross-Registration

The Current Student site provides detailed information on both options, along with the forms you need for each option. 

If you want to simply take a course elsewhere during a summer or January term (Standard Transfer), you'll need to have the course approved by either your advisor or your advisor and an appropriate Department Chair, by submitting a signed Permission for Off-Campus Course form.   You may want to check out the Find Course Equivalencies site to see if the course you're interested in has been pre-approved for Daemen credit; if so, then only your advisor needs to sign the form.  You will also need to pass the course with a minimum grade of C; this grade is not factored into your Daemen GPA.

One basic distinction between Off-Campus Permission and Cross-registration is that cross-registered courses will appear on your Daemen transcript as a Daemen course, and the grade earned will factor into your GPA.  As long as you are full-time at Daemen, you can cross-register for an additional course up to 17 credits total in a Fall or Spring semester at any of 14 local consortium colleges at no additional tuition charge.  All this information and more including course schedules from other institutions, calendar for cross-registration, Dean's List and cross-registration, etc., can be found on the Cross-Registration site.




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