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Core/General Education Requirements

All Daemen College undergraduate programs require completion of courses outside the major, commonly known as core requirements or general education requirements, as part of their baccalaureate degree programs.  Daemen's 45 credit core is a competency-based core; that is, courses eligible to meet core requirements must meet a competency and this competency is noted in the course description and is searchable under Course Type on the Course Schedules. Nine credits in core electives must be in 300/400 level (upper division) core course work.

Students are required to complete a minimum of 3 credits in each of the following seven competencies:

  • Affective Awareness
  • Civic Responsibility
  • Communication Skills
  • Contextual Integration
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Information Literacy
  • Moral and Ethical Discernment

In addition, students are required to meet other institutional requirements including two Learning Communities ( freshmen only; taken in the freshman year), Quantitative Literacy, nine credits in Writing Intensive course work, 3 credits in Service Learning, and 3 credits in Research and Presentation.  Courses providing these institutional requirements are noted in the course description and in almost every case, are provided by a course with a competency.  For example, it is possible to take a 300 level course with a competency (Civic Responsibility) which also meets the Service Learning requirement.  A student taking such a course would earn three credits in upper division core elective requirements, but could also "check off" the Civic Responsibility competency and the Service Learning requirement as well. 

Research and Presentation courses are required either in the major or in the core, and are noted on the program plans available on the Registrar/Registration website.  These courses are writing intensive, and are considered "capstone" courses and therefore, cannot be waived. 

Students transferring in an equivalent English Composition course (CMP-101) will earn credit for same, but will also "check off" the Communication Skills competency, and three of the nine credits of Writing Intensive course work required.  This is the only transfer course equivalency in which a competency is awarded.

Students transferring in a math course equivalent to a Daemen math course which meets the institutional requirement of Quantitative Literacy, can also "check off" the Quantitative Literacy requirement.

Freshmen/Transfer/Credential Transfer students:

Freshmen and transfer students with advanced standing due to transfer credit, AP credit, etc., usually have to do all or some part of the core requirements:

Freshmen:     If Daemen is your first post-high school college of attendance, for core requirement purposes, you are considered a freshman.  If you have earned AP or transfer credits, some or all of the competencies may be waived (depending upon the number of credits transferred and program requirements).  Along with Research and Presentation and courses in the seven competencies, freshmen students must complete a Learning Community in the fall and spring of their freshman year, nine credits in Writing Intensive course work, 3 credits in Service Learning, and 3 credits in Quantitative Literacy.

Transfer:  If you attended another institution after high school but did not complete a degree there, you are considered a non-credential transfer student.  As such, only courses with a grade of C or better are eligible for transfer credit.  Transfer students are not required to complete Learning Communities, and depending upon where on your program your transfer credit has been applied, you may also have some or all of the competencies, Writing Intensive credits, Service Learning, and Quantitative Literacy requirements waived.  Research and Presentation courses, considered capstone program courses, cannot be waived.

Credential Transfer:  If you earned an Associate or higher degree, you are considered a credential transfer, and courses with D or better grades are eligible for transfer credit.  Like transfer students, credential transfer students are not required to complete Learning Communities.  Depending upon where on your program your transfer credit has been applied, you may also have some or all of the competencies, Writing Intensive credits, Service Learning, and Quantitative Literacy requirements waived. Research and Presentation courses, considered capstone program courses, cannot be waived.

Online program evaluations provide up-to-date progress on course and program requirements, and may include comments from an evaluator specific to your outstanding requirements on the core and other institutional requirements.



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