Secure Upload

The forms listed below may be downloaded for your convenience.  Students must submit the completed form to our Secure Upload. For any questions, please contact Student Accounts at 716-839-8213 or via email at

  • Reinstatement
  • Employer Reimbursement Verification
    • Forms will not be accepted unless completed in full by the Student and the Employer.
    • Forms must be completed each academic year and are due prior to the due date.
    • A signed Promissory Note is required prior to the start of the each term. Log into to complete.
    • Tuition that is not covered by Employer Reimbursement must be paid in full, by the due date prior to the start of each term.
  • Book Vouchers
    •  Student’s with a “credit” balance (extra funds) on their account may complete a book voucher to use towards books & supplies at our Bookstore ONLY.