Parent Orientation FAQs

 -When is Parent Orientation?  

This year's Parent Orientation program is offered in two, one-day sessions: July 13 and July 16. These are identical programs and you choose only one session to attend.

-Is there a cost to attend Parent Orientation?  

The parent orientation is free to parents and guardians.

-I live in the Western New York area. Should I attend the Parent Orientation?  

Absolutely! Even if you are familiar with the surrounding area, your son or daughter has never been a student here and there is valuable information you can receive by attending orientation. As a parent or guardian, attending this program will enable you to be a valuable support system and sounding board for your student during their college experience. It is also important to point out that the freshman year experience at college is a unique experience whether your student is attending college 10 miles from home or 100 miles from home

-Will my student leave orientation with a class schedule?  

Yes, students will receive their schedules during the program and have an opportunity to speak to the faculty about their new schedule on day two of the program.

-Who should attend the Parent Orientation?  

The Parent Orientation is for parents and guardians with an interest in assisting their student in the transition to and through college. 

-Can parents.guardians stay in the residence halls during the program?  

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide housing on campus for family members, as we need the residence hall rooms for the required overnight stay for the orientation students and current students who are enrolled in summer classes. Click here for information on hotels in the area.

-I have questions about Financial Aid, Residence Life, Technology, etc. Will I have an opportunity to get answers to these questions during orientation?  

Yes, those offices and many more will give presentations regarding the services they offer to students and will be able to answer specific questions you may have regarding your student's needs. These presentations are created with the idea to give you all the information you need to feel well-informed about Daemen College.  All offices will also be open from 8:30am-4:30pm.

-If my student has a documented disability and requests accommodations, who should he/she contact?  

Please contact Kathleen Boone, Associate Dean of the College at 716-839-8301.

-Will I be with my student throughout the orientation session?  

The student and parent orientations begin together with a welcome address. Following the welcome activities, the parent program schedule runs concurrently with, but separate from, the student schedule. The programs are separate to meet the different needs of students and parents.guardians. The goal is not to intentionally separate you from your student, but to expose them to their college experience and help them learn about Daemen College on their own. Your presence is important to us and we feel that by participating in the parent program you will have the unique opportunity to gain valuable information and share in the excitement of your student's first college experience! But do not fear, at the end of the parent program you have the opportunitye to chat with them before you leave and they continue on with the student program.

-Can my student register for classes without turning in his/her immunization records?  

New York State Public Health Law 2167 requires all college students to show proof of immunity to measles, mumps and rubella as well as making an informed decision about having the meningitis vaccine.  All college students, but particularly those who will be living on campus, are urged by the NYS Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control to have the meningitis vaccine.  A new vaccine (available in March), called Menactra, is effective for more than eight years.  The old vaccine was effective for three to five years.  Menactra prevents people from being carriers of the bacteria which the old vaccine did not.  When calling for your student's appointment for a college physical exam, let the medical staff know that you want your son/daughter to receive the Menactra vaccine at the time of his/her visit. . This documentation needs to be on file with Health Services before a student will be allowed to register for classes. There are no exceptions. Send your student's records to Susan Girard in Health Services now to avoid complications when your student arrives to campus for orientation.

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