Academic Organizations

Accounting Club

Ski clubPresident: Komal Dattani
Vice President: Shaun Snyder
Moderator: Linda Kuechler

(updated 11/26/13)

After Math

President: Melinda Montaperto
Vice President: Joseph Currier
Moderator: Norollah Talebi
Moderator: Jeremy Hall

(updated 9/27/13)

Animation and Story Production Club 

President: Lucky Prak
Vice President: Constance Cartwright
Moderator: Ken Doyle
Moderator: Ashley Barraclough
Moderator: Scott Holmes

(updated 3/4/13)

Art Club

Co-President: Veronica Giurdanella
Co-President: Jonathan Hutchison
Co-President: Jamie Leroy
Moderator: Felice Koenig

(updated 9/19/13)

Athletic Training Student Association 

President: Kyle Clifford
Vice President: Bradley Vargo
Moderator: Jeff Sage

(updated 2/4/14)

Business Club

President: Lisa Collier
President: Hayley Brown
Vice President: Hayden Vogel
Moderator: Luiz Pereira

(updated 3/6/14)

Drawing Club

President: Jeff Houck
Vice President: Lucky Prak
Moderator: Dana Hatchett

(updated 4/17/13)

Education Club

Vice President:
Moderator: Joanne Sadler

(updated 10/25/13)

English Club

President: Christina Lee
Vice President: Ann Marie Rose
Moderator: Nancy Marck

(updated 10/15/13)

Evolve (graphic design club) 

Co-President: Ashley Johnson
Co-President: Ryan Kell
Vice President: Isabella Constantino
Moderator: Kevin Kegler

(updated 12/11/12)

History & Government Club

President: Emily Kraft
Vice President: Amy Grimes
Moderator: Penny Messinger
Moderator: Aakriti Tandon

(updated 9/24/13)

Marketing Club

President: Tia Elster
Vice President: Samantha Salavar
Moderator: Luiz Pereira

(updated 6/26/13)

Modern Language Club (inactive)

Moderator: Denise Mills

(updated 12/3/13)

National Science Teachers Association

President: Erin Laurienzo
Vice President: Jennifer Livergood
Moderator: Brenda Young

Nursing Association

Moderator: Mary Lou Rusin

Physician Assistant Student Society (PASS)

President: Katharina Kristan
Vice President: Emily Kowalski
Moderator: Joel Patterson

(updated 6/26/13)

Pre-Law Association

President: Jordan Sieracki
Vice President: Tyler Vanice
Moderator: Lisa Parshall
Moderator: Aakriti Tandon 

(updated 9/24/13)

Psychology Club

President: Special Thompson
Vice President: Claire Spangenthal
Moderator: Colleen Kashino

(updated 9/27/13)

Sigma Pi Epsilon Delta

Co-President: Melissa Lepore
Co-President: Clelsea Savastano
Moderator: Bruce Shields 

(update 6/26/13)

Social Work Alliance

President: Katie Nokovich
Vice President: Holly Turano
Moderator: Diane Bessel  

(updated 8/11/14)

Society for Human Resource Management

President: Samantha Maiarana
Vice President: Hayley Brown
Moderator: Sharlene Buszka

(updated 2/3/14)

Sports Management Club

Co-President: Mike Kurtz
Co-President: Daniel Romer
Vice President: Katherine Honeck
Moderator: Dennis Lynch
Moderator: Bridget Niland  

(upadte 6/26/13)

Student Honors Organization

Co-President: Joe Colasurdo
Vice President: Paige Gilbert
Moderator: Matt Ward

(updated 2/3/14)

Student Physical Therapy Association (SPTA)

CLASS of 2014
President: Patrick Fino
Vice President: Allyson Long

CLASS of 2015
President: William Denz
Vice President: Lauren Billotti

CLASS of 2016

President: Stephen Maxwell
Vice President: Matt Thompson

Moderator: Margaret Mazzone
Moderator: Sharon Held

(updated 2/4/14)


President:  Melisa DeGroot
Vice President: Kelsey Snyder
Moderator: Robert Gunther

(updated 2/3/14)

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The Daemen College Weighted Average Ultimate Pass Rate based on the most current data as reported by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (2009-2011) is 100%, with our graduates demonstrating first time pass rates above both state and national averages each year.

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Student Profiles

Peter Loney

Peter - Accounting


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"I think one of the most crucial aspects of the Daemen curriculum is the required internship. I was an accounting intern for both a private health care company and a certified public accounting firm. I was able to apply lessons learned in the classroom to real business situations. When my internships were over, each company offered me a full-time position."